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Garnet Hill

Cherry Bedding

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home decor, bedding, sheet, sheets, bed, home, decor, cherry, cherries, fruit, rachel grant

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A freelance artist based in North Staffordshire in the UK, Rachel Grant lives and works in an old Victorian terraced house. Looking at her art, it’s the perfect setting! The area where she lives is well known for its rich potteries heritage. Rachel said, “It is this love of history, time-worn surfaces, and the consistency of the natural world around them that inspires and informs my work.” It certainly shows. “I dream of one day living off-grid in an old cottage by the sea, embracing a life of slow, peaceful living and my illustrations are often a glimpse of that world.” Rachel incorporates a range of media in her artwork, depending on the end use. These can include drawing, painting, collage and print – bringing them together digitally at the end. When not at her desk working, you will find Rachel knitting, gardening, baking bread, sewing clothes or snuggled under blankets watching great films. It sounds like the ideal life of an artist! Rachel's clients include: Anthropologie, The Boston Globe, MidwestCBK, Garnet Hill, Design House Greetings, Pier 1, Taproot Magazine, Octopus Books, Abrams Noterie and Simple Things Magazine, Hobby Lobby, American Greetings, TJX, Peter Pauper Press, Sellers Publishing, the Christmas Tree Shops, Amber Lotus, Loloi Rugs, Hallmark, UK Greetings, Rosemary Magazine, Calypso Cards, Good Cause Greetings, Karma Living, Garnet HIll, and others.


Lettering, Watercolor, Painterly, Gouache, Cut Paper, Realism, Floral


Nature, Food, Product, Lifestyle, Political, Wildlife, Landscape, Surface Design, Celebrities, Icons, Textiles, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Book Covers, Portrait, Leisure, Animals, Still Life, Food/Beverage, People, Holidays