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Lucas León

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illustration of The internal theater must fall if we want to transform the domain structures, in order to be responsible for personal and social history. If we are not able to see the repressed unconscious, we are exposed to repeating patterns of violence and division. From the daily treatment to our places of power, they may be contaminated by tyranny and fascism, even if we are driven by a revolutionary impetus.
illustration of Just like we show up living, our death can appear, and already dead, if we stop having the capacity to give an account, death also disappears. Life is an experience that then dissolves into the impossibility of being the individual that was, meanwhile no subject will be born and grow with the same that another one carries, as you will never really know what the other thinks and feels.
illustration of The person sees how storms invade the island. Violence and uncertainty run though. But he stops to meditate in order to see, face, and give them a place. He builds with patience a growing tree where his face rises up among the branches.  It's the study of the mind and the unconscious, that clears out the illusions and the mirror between it and the observer. Subverting the painful image, the island is sustained on the wide ground that resists, and builds the foundation of a new shelter.
illustration of Both the fall and the elevation are equally divine, they are part of a change in consciousness towards new enlightments, and the fool is the innocent force, the dynamic energy that permeates and plays  with the whole magnitude of this being in transformation, its the opening of the punch changing chaotic risk, towards the drive and explosion of elevation.
illustration of The magician is set in motion by assuming his own existence. It is the encounter with internal unity, the recognition of potentialities and the sense of vital objectives, which transforms into action, to activate the power to heal reality and take a different place in front of it.
illustration of Conceptual, Digital, Fine Art, Pen & Ink, Fantasy, Historical, Music, Mystery, Political, Spiritual
illustration of Charcoal, Conceptual, Digital, Fine Art, Mixed Media, Realism, Technical, Fantasy, Romance, Spiritual


Illustrator from Villa Alemana, Chile. He studied Professional Illustration at the Arcos Institute (2017), Chile. He works freelance and has been commissioned to make the product image for a brazilian beer brand named “Hocus Pocus” and posters for festivals such as “Rock and Trance”. He was shortlisted for “World illustration awards 2020” and Merit winner in the Annual No.17 (2020) by 3x3Mag, NY.


Charcoal, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Realism, Technical, Rich Picture


Fantasy, Historical, Music, Mystery, Political, Posters, Romance, Spiritual