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Harkiran Kalsi

illustration of Harky In Wonderland was created to highlight the lack of Black and Brown characters in children's books. This is a personal piece as I love the story.
illustration of I created this poster as a free downloadable to use at the Black Lives Matter protests. It then got picked up by a billboard company and was placed in a visible area in Peckham, London.
illustration of The map was created to go in Gilles Peterson's upcoming book. It is route of his run during lockdown and the things he sees. He wanted the route to come to life through an illustrated map.
illustration of After watching The Last Dance I was inspired to create this piece. Michael Jordan is a legend, I had to capture his love of basketball through a quote.
illustration of A gift by the Lululemon team to give to one of their colleagues. It is built around the colleagues favourite word, and then smaller words within it describing her personality.
illustration of Vintage Books were promoting the Kamala Harris book 'The Truths We Hold' during January to celebrate her inauguration as VP. Posters and social assets were created to share during the day and given to libraries and bookshops such as Foyles and Waterstones.
illustration of Be More You a wellbeing organization and Lululemon created a running event on World Mental Health Day where people sent in two words about how they felt on that day. Those were collected and turned into a poster which was sent out to participants with a medal.
illustration of A personal piece created when Kobe passed away and shared across my social, honouring his legacy.
illustration of As a huge Lewis fan this was a personal piece created in recognition of his legacy and how incredible he is as an athlete.
illustration of A social asset created honouring the life of RBG. What she left as a legacy not only for her country but for women all around the world, to stand up and fight for our rights. The piece has a quote I find really relates to how I was raised.


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