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Barbara Linares

illustration of The image portraits a woman who peacefully tastes a bit of the planet in a hostile environment, an aesthetically pleasing figure despite the fact that she is carrying out a destructive action. It is a critical metaphor of our behaviour as a society, a society apparently committed to the goals of sustainable development, but in which we continue to contribute to environmental degradation through acts that often go unnoticed.
illustration of Proposal for an advertising poster that portraits a man collecting olives in a traditional way, to commemorate a local celebration related to this task.
illustration of The illustrations show a woman contemplating the sea and sunbathing on a small boat. Focusing on colour, the images seeks to evoke the relaxing and calm effect that blue tone and undulating shapes conveys.
illustration of Portrait of a woman drinking a superfood coffee  that helps to improve mental acuity and creativity, providing focus and concentration.
illustration of The image portraits a woman who peacefully sleeps on the moon. It seeks to evoke the sensations of a placid rest when we sleep deeply. With this purpose, a palette of blue tones and soft shapes is used, with contours that fade away, integrating with the night background. Inspired by an article on how to get a good night’s sleep.
illustration of Illustrations for coffee series of different denominations of origin. The main illustration, customized for each denomination, portrays a character wearing traditional clothes from the country of origin of the coffee, India. As a common link, in order to maintain coherence in the overall design, the coffee plant and the country of origin are included in all cases in the background.


Barbara is a freelance artist specialising in painting and pictorial illustration. Her work is mostly related with the human figure and portraiture in a realistic and colourful style. Her choice of colour palette often includes cool/warm and complementary colour contrasts, obtaining vibrant and aesthetic compositions as a result. His illustration work is mainly digital but developed in a similar way to how he would do it analogically in his paintings, emulating the technique of oil and pastel, so his stroke is usually quite visible in the final artwork. Although her official studies are not related to the creative field, she attended extracurricular art courses during childhood where she explored and learned different painting techniques. With the acquired base and in a self-taught way she develops her current work, reinforcing her skills by attending an art school nowadays in her spare time.


Digital, Figurative, Painterly, Realism


Book Covers, Editorial, Health, Holidays, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Product, Travel, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Ethnic, Environmental