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Kathrin Lang

illustration of Poster commission depicting endangered coral species, wildlife, painterly, painted, collage, mixed-media, printmaking, environmental, coral reef, scientific, botanical, warm colors, conservation, sustainability, green energy, renewable energy, oceans, sea life, global warming, climate change, barrier reef, handmade, analogue, handcrafted, hand cut collage,  nature, preserve, protect, recycle, green living, planet, high contrast, editorial, educational
illustration of Editorial illustration focusing on lifestyle and urban living, hand cut collage, printmaking, cut paper, mixed media, drawing, grey, reduced color palette, minimal, gold, green, pink, black and white, grainy, monochrome, architecture, tower blocks, brutalist, high rise, reportage, drawn from life, in location, editorial, trees, crane, balconies, beach, miami, berlin, summer, bleak, rustic, pattern, painterly, graphic, gouache, east Berlin
illustration of Illustration series focusing on gastronomy and bar culture around Berlin, hospitality, food illustration, collage, mixed-media, warm colors, lively, vibrant, good mood, green, pink, brown, printed paper, printed textures, papers, warm, rustic, day to day, work, cocktails, long drinks, speciality, produce, culture, going out, social, local, fun, pub, restaurant, cafe
illustration of Illustration from
illustration of Illustration from an educational book called
illustration of Gift cards and wrapping paper design for Arjuna Wholefoods Ltd. birds, packaging design, product, pattern, wildlife, robin, perky, funny, painterly, collage, mixed-media, printmaking, warm colors, conservation, sustainability, handmade, analogue, handcrafted, hand cut collage, nature, preserve, protect, green living, planet, high contrast, editorial, environmental, repeat
illustration of Entry for Grayson Perry's (Channel 4) Portrait Competition. Collage, printmaking, vintage, 80s, fashion, textured papers, mixed-media, limited colors, green, red, pink, gold, food illustration, figurative, cheerful, bouyant, peppy, bright, holiday, ice cream, italy, rustic, humorous, kitsch, sunglasses, sun, tropical, eating, diptych, movement, happy
illustration of This commission was for the Dzanga-Sangha Nature Reserve in the Central African Republic. Wildlife, animal, woodcut, figurative, nature, animals, environmental, conservation, safari, protection, black and white, monochrome, graphic, printmaking, textured, pattern, antelope, drawing, detailed, block print, bold, light, uplifting, ornamental, decorative, cheeky
illustration of Illustration from a book series depicting 360 degree views of 6 European cities. Houses, tudor, Shakespearean, street, town, collage, colored pencil, paint, mixed-media, english, embellished, patterned, painterly, colorful, intricate, mark-making, turquoise, red, brown, warm, sepia, historic, vintage, wooden, atmospheric, wonky, handmade, analogue, street view, travel, sights, listed buildings, rooftops
illustration of Product labels for BIOY Health Berlin. Botanical, quinoa, wild, agricultural, plant, ornamental, grains, metalic, gold, cross-media, nutritional, supplements, repeat pattern, symmetrical, limited color, pink, glowing, lavish, luxurious, bountiful, plush, inverted, collage, drawing, paper cutting, art nouveau, wholefood, wholegrain, tropical, food illustration, textured, reflective, rough, textured, rustic, natural


Kathrin lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Berlin, she received her BA Illustration degree from the Cambridge School of Art. She is passionate about the climate movement and has recently been working with clients such as the World Wildlife Fund and the Dzanga-Sangha Nature Reserve in the Central African Republic on a range of environmental commissions. Kathrin's work combines a variety of different mediums such as printmaking, collage, paper cutting and hand drawn elements. 


Collage, Colored Pencil, Cut Paper, Figurative, Gouache, Mixed Media, Stylized, Texture, Woodcut, Decorative, Floral, Pattern


Humor, Animals, Architecture, Book Covers, Botanical, Editorial, Education, Family, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Historical, Holidays, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, Packaging, People, Portrait, Posters, Product, Scientific, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Environmental, Urban, Branding, Surface Design