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Patricia Schneider

illustration of This illustration was a submission for the Flyeralarm Design Award and was intended as an advertising poster for an environmental organization.
illustration of With this illustration I wanted to bring some love to people. That was important to me, especially at a time when we should stay away from each other.
illustration of This illustration was selected from the
illustration of This illustration was also selected for
illustration of This illustration is my personal statement. I wish we would protect our environment. Unfortunately, many do not realize that nature's problems are also our problems. Everything comes back to us.
illustration of I do everything for a sausage. My daughter and my dog ​​modeled for this illustration.
illustration of This illustration is made for magazines.
illustration of Here comes a digital watercolor portrait of the front man of U2, Bono Vox.
illustration of Freddie Mercury in digital watercolors.
illustration of Watercolor, People, Portrait, Posters


Patricia Schneider is an illustrator with a passion for bringing your clients' ideas and concepts to life with thoughtful images. Her love for drawing has led her to extensive professional experience as an illustrator and graphic designer. This year she was lucky enough to be included in the “Book of Illustration - Freestyle 7”. This book will be published by Hermann Schmidt Verlag this year.


Acrylic, Digital, Figurative, Photoillustration, Watercolor, Vector


Animals, Editorial, Landscape, Music, Nature, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Lifestyle