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Cathy Ann Johnson

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illustration of Illustration for cover of book
illustration of Black girl with a bird on her shoulder and autumn leaves swirling.
illustration of Black girl with scarf on head and flower, white gloves and purse on decorative background.
illustration of Black girl with white glasses playing a cello.


Cathy Ann Johnson received her BFA from Columbus College of Arts and Design. She spent several years at Hallmark Greeting Cards, where she honed her skills crafting emotional content that speaks to children. Her ability to work in a range of styles merited her a position in Hallmark’s Center of Excellence. Cathy Ann loves connecting words to pictures, and her whimsical and lyrical style focuses on layouts that echo a child’s perspective. Her work has appeared in children’s books, magazines, posters, home décor, gifts and more. She currently works from a small Crayola box located in Downtown Decatur, Georgia, as well as a satellite studio in Rome, Italy. In her spare time, Cathy Ann, her husband and cute doggie, enjoy roaming Rome, chasing castles in medieval towns and enjoying history and the arts.


Abstract, Acrylic, Conceptual, Figurative, Painterly


Children, Children's Books, Music, People, Portrait, Ethnic