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Erika Lynne Jones

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illustration of Happy New Year banner, recipe for Black Eyed Peas, multi-racial family gathered around the table.
illustration of Map with pictures of fun things to do in Dallas, aquarium, Science and Nature Museum, library, farmers market, giant eyeball etc.
illustration of Woman with flowers under the word April


Erika Lynne Jones has always known her life purpose involved working for and with children. Before becoming a homeschool teacher, she worked as non-profit Executive Director of an after school literacy program. Erika enjoys creating whimsical characters and uplifting stories that allow everyone to view themselves as worthy of good. Growing up Erika didn’t see art or media featuring women of color enjoying themselves, practicing self care, or just living their lives. She loves drawing inclusive images to remind everyone that women of color desire and deserve the basic pleasures of life too. Similarly, she aims to create stories where black children are allowed to express and process a wide range of emotions from joy to anger around their life experiences (that go well beyond the issue of race). She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and currently lives in the Dallas, Texas area with her husband and three daughters.


Collage, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Mixed Media, Stylized


Botanical, Children, Family, Food, Holidays, Maps, Science, Travel, Lifestyle, Feminine, Ethnic