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48 Grasshopper Estates

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This image is the cover illustration for the book 48 Grasshopper Estates, where Erika illustrated the entire book.

Erika Rodriguez 2021

Erika Rodriguez

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Painted Words, Inc
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NEW YORK, NY 10025
United States

illustration of A boy receiving a potted plant from a man in a van in a city neighborhood with multi ethnic people represented.
illustration of A boy with big glasses looks in horror at a bug on his composition book.
illustration of A monocrhomatic image of girl among tall plants with a fairy like creature in her hand.
illustration of From book There Goes Pattie McGee, barefoot blond girl on skate board with words


Erika Rodriguez is a Mexican art teacher and illustrator, currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. Besides crafts, baking and ghost stories, she is interested in mythology and folklore, especially from her home country. Comfortable with both traditional and digital media, she prefers organic shapes and natural-looking textures, which will find their way in everything she makes. If asked, Erika will tell you that her favorite things to illustrate are expressive characters, grumpy children, and subjects related to plants and nature.


Black & White, Charcoal, Gouache, Line with Color, Stylized


Action, Children, Children's Books, Nature, Sports, Vintage / Retro, Ethnic, Urban