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animation of Print out The Squibbles is a short animation. Watch, print and make them part of your colouring activities for the day.
illustration of Generally found hanging around the flowers waiting for them to grow, so they can pick them and hand them to strangers with a smile.
illustration of Never stops waving. Some say he's been waving for so long, his arm has become one of the strongest arms in Squibblesville.
illustration of When it's time for dinner, it's always nice to have chicken, mash, Yorkshire puddings, peas and gravy. 

There's nowt better to fill a hungry belly.
illustration of This Squibble has been floating around in outer space for many moons but keeps a piece of the countryside in his heart.

He's powered by rainbows.
illustration of Everyone like a good fart but this sleepwalking cat does it while eating its food. Asleep.

animals, blue, purple, vector illustration, kids, children, humor, humour
illustration of The LGTBQ+ community is a wonderful place and it's filled with rainbows. This character feels fully part of it all and they are strong, colourful and kind.

muscles, strength, bisexuality, rainbows, joy, happy, inclusion, freedom
illustration of The old angel and devil on the shoulders analogy. It depicts balance, to be honest, and could be related to fight or flight.

Honesty, integrity, kindness and thoughtfulness are all factors to consider when making decisions and choices in a sea of emotion.

Pink, angels, devils, choices, thoughts, emotions, kawaii, pitchfork
illustration of Holding the things we love inside our hearts, is paramount for a healthy and rich life.

Rainbow pants can also achieve similar results.

love, rainbows, rainbow, colour, color, submarine, sealife, aquatic, headphones, kids
illustration of Part of a special NFT Collection on


Hello, I'm Jay and I'm an artist, illustrator, musician and all-round creative Dad from Colne in Lancashire. I've been drawing, illustrating and creating for over two decades and it's a huge passion of mine. I'm fortunate enough for it to be my career and was something I only ever dreamed of as a child. I have a published colouring journal for children called Squibbles and a children's book called Meet The Squibbles, which is a book aimed at 4 - 7 year olds, introducing some of the colourful and friendly characters from the land of Squibblesville. My most recent illustration commission is for international artist ‘Lanksy’ who wrote a story called Life O’ Pie. It’s a magazine created to combat loneliness and isolation in East Lancashire. I love making people smile with my illustrations and characters, the feedback from my work is always positive and I look forward to working with you on your next uplifting project. Rainbows and love make the world go around. X


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