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Maury Aaseng

illustration of Human head showing the interweaving of muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, and glands.

Face, head, textbook art, cranium muscles, layers of tissue, medical art, glands, saliva, nerves, facial, face, skull, jaw, temporal, swallow, ear, mastoid, endocrine system, endocrine, surgery, oral, maxillofacial, muscle, head, cranium, temporalis, occipital, artery, blood, carotid, profile, side view, plastic surgery, reconstruction, text book, human, internal, ligaments, blood vessels
illustration of Toe, toenail, fungus, tissue, skin, foot, bacteria, bone, nail fold, nail plate, hyponychium, lunula, cuticle, onychomycosis, flaky, orange, athlete's foot, antifungal, fungal, cosmetic, yeast, infected, infection, podiatrist, podiatry, medicine, medical, injury, gross, skin, dermatology, pharmaceutical, pharmacy, medication, medicine, distal groove, cutaway, vector illustration, color, unattractive, fungi
illustration of respiratory, sternum, ribs, rib cage, spine, muscles, tissue, connective tissue, diaphragm, obliques, clavicle, collar bone, xiphoid process, cartilage, breathing, strength, strong, breath, respiration, body, human, speak, sing, inhale, inhalation, exhale, athletic, rectus abdominus, abdominal, abdomen, torso, oblique, intercostals, sternocleidomastoid, scalenes, serratus, anterior, therapy, physical therapy, training, running, ligaments, motion
illustration of Female, female figure, woman, stomach, intestines, diaphragm, gut, guts, large intestine, lunge, bronchi, esophagus, trachea, larynx, pharynx, esophageal, profile, internal organs, hair, ethnic, shoulders, speech science, voice, throat, mouth, speaking, eating, swallowing, figure, man, diversity, African American, Asian, vector, transparent, anatomy, parotid, glands, saliva, salivary glands, attractive, models, chin lift, black and white, physiology, textbook, scientific, torso
illustration of Bottlenosed dolphins swimming and leaping in ocean swells.

Dolphins, sea life, leaping, surfing, diving, aquatic, oceanic, ocean, ocean life, marine mammals, pelagic, porpoise, bottlenosed dolphin, marine institute, watercolor, waves, painting, splash, swells, swim, swimming, natural sciences, biology, biological, intelligent, playful, marine, Maury, Aaseng, watercolor, H2O, marine, echolocation, sonar, athletic, cetaceans, mammals
illustration of Owl, great gray owl, wildlife, raptors, raptor, birds of prey, talons, windy day, boreal, bird, birding, bird life, moody watercolor, avian, cool colors, perched on tree, night owl, nature, nature art, feathers, tree branch, habitat, natural, dangerous, wild, fauna, northern owl, mysterious, Sax Zim bog, wilderness, forests, woods, peeking, bright eyes
illustration of Dinosaurs, prehistoric, bar scene, dinosaur scene,  tavern, beer, jurassic, T-Rex, flirting, drinking, billiards, darts, pool, fossils, nightlife, booze, drinking buddies, bar stool, stegosaurus, raptors, waitress, juke box, bar, beer taps, cocktails, bartender, wine, serving, dinos, bouncer, belly up, under age, hatchlings, loud, busy, going out, Mesozoic, time of the dinosaurs, party, partying, apatosaurus, velociraptors, ankylosaurus, parasaurolophus, duck billed, beasts, drunk
illustration of Walrus, tusks, bristles, mustache, I am the walrus, flippers, seal, marine mammal, north pole, beach, arctic, blubber, primary color scheme, primary colors, watercolor, sea life, bulk, immense, nature, species, life, organism, creature, square, portrait, ivory, bellow, beach bum, arctic animal, hunting, Inuit, Alaska, ice caps, cold, climate
illustration of Cardinals, cardinal, red bird, winter birds, snow birds, snow, snowy, winter, snow covered, berries, flight, male, female, avian, bird life, wings, beaks, feathers, perch, fly, watercolor, dreamy, ethereal, watercolor, nature, wildlife, natural, life, organisms, biology, animal life, habitat, snowscape, primary colors, primary color scheme, crab apples, perched on branch,
illustration of Muscle attachment and magnification and breakdown of the muscle fibers and cells.
Musculature, skeletal, strength, tendon, tissue, strength, perimysium, muscle fascicle, clean, white background, zoom, medical illustration, zoomed in, cross section, muscle bundle, layers, contraction, sarcoplasm, sarcolemma, transverse tubules, magnification, magnified, vector, cellular, microscopic, textbook, motor skills, anatomy, muscles, diagram, sacromere, mitochondria, filament,
illustration of Step by step surgical procedure.
Surgery, eye, eyelid, surgical tools, forceps, scissors, tweezers, surgical, surgical tools, stitches, incision, cut, cutting, facial reconstruction, facial damage, eyeball, orbital, orbicularis oculi, muscle, sight, vision, precision, dissection, process, eyebrow, medical devices, education, facial reconstruction, facial damage, eyeball, surgeon, sewing, fascia, dura, skin, epidermis, dermal, sew, cut, slice, tweeze,
illustration of Front view of female head and skull. Skin, skull, superimpose, overlay, face, facial, features, eyes, eyebrow, nose, ear, cheek, jaw, lips, teeth, maxilla, mandible, eye socket, temporal, zygomatic, ocular, socket, clean graphic, cranium, bones, fissures, joints, nostril, woman, middle aged, 40s, smile, recognition, temple, smooth, chew, chomp, talk, speak, plastic surgery, cosmetic, reconstructive, reconstruction, injury, damage, Maury, Aaseng
illustration of Endoscope, throat, light, nasal, nose, dissect, dissection, surgery, breathing, speech, vocal, swallow, airway, speech pathology, passage, pharynx, epiglottis, tongue, hard palate, bisected, maxilla, vocal folds, thryoid, nasal septum, turbinates, sinus, lips, medical equipment, textbook, mouth, neck, nasal cavity, ethmoid, side view, tube, insertion, insert, view, camera, procedure, view
illustration of Brain electrode and pulse generator implanted in elderly man.
Man, torso, hispanic, elderly, old man, 3/4 view, senior citizen, senior, geriatric, pulse generator, life saving device, prevents seizures, sensor, brain, cranial, surgery, implant, human, signals, biotechnology, medical implant, DBS surgeries, chest, implantable, device, medical device, seizures, epilepsy, epileptic, speech aid, trigger, stimulate, stimulus, cortex, cerebrum
illustration of Hamlet, Fastaff, opera, theater, theatre, posters, program, playbill, tragedy, stage, stage play art, comedy, splashy watercolor, musical, vibrant, painting, Shakespeare, Faccio, Verdi, medieval, knights, royalty, classic, hot and cold, glare, Renaissance, splash, mustache, murder, drunken, classical, music, orchestra, theater art, theatre posters, bust, split view, yin and yang, happy, comedie, split personalities
illustration of Theater art for Opera Delaware's production of three Puccini operas:  Il Tabarro (The Cloak), Suor Angelica (Sister Angelica), Gianni Schicchi (the third act of the Triptych).

Theater, theatre, posters, program, composer, playbill, tragedy, stage, stage play art, comedy, splashy watercolor, musical, vibrant, painting, orchestral, Italian, colorful, image in relief, fedora, gentleman, flames, visionary, genius, music, American theater
illustration of Theater art created for Opera Delaware's production of Cinderella (La Cenerentola) and Semiramis composed by Rossini.

Theater art, theatre, art nouveau, stage, stage play, musical, composer, famous, glass slipper, queen, princess, Italian opera, poster art, marketing, classical, music, innocent and evil, American theater, big hair, Babylon, necktie, crown, split personalities
illustration of Implant for epilepsy patients that transmits pertinent data to a smart device. 
Epilepsy, injury, damage, neurons, health, medical, neurology, technical, seizures, epileptic, epileptic seizures, female, figure, icons, brain waves, EEG, disease management, app, technology, smart phone, applications, implant, surgery, vector, vector illustration, model, neurologic, brain function, logos, wireless, cell phone, internet, Maury, Aaseng, signals, health, monitor, internal, wireless
illustration of A major seizure and the resulting potential consequences and effects

Seizure, seizing, epilepsy, epileptic, female, modern style, model, jeans and t-shirt, vector illustration, Adobe Illustrator, icons, danger, catastrophe, effects, modern, clenching, crash, fall down, writhe, figure drawing, figure, Maury, Aaseng, poster, symptoms, illness, danger, dangerous, harm, caution, squirm, flop, neural, modern, artistic, iconography, illustrative, beautiful, pretty, hair, jeans, grasp, clench
illustration of Nano technology, membrane, 3D printed, spacer, UF membrane, nanorods, molecules, membrane cleaning, pollutant degredation, pollustion, purifying, purify, cutting edge, technology, water technology, aqua, molecular, light, interaction, TPMS spacer, polydopamine, polyethyleneimine, demonstration, invention, mesh, anenome, destroy, contamination, contaminants, compound, reactions, redox reactions, medical technology, laboratory, micro, microscopic, tiny
illustration of Neuroscience Fundamental for Communication Sciences & Disorders 

Cellular anatomy, cell, cell structure, cytoplasm, nucleus, nucleolus, cell membrane, node, mitochondria, neuron, axon, myelin, dendrite, synapse, smooth ER, neurolemma, golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, microtubules, neuroscience, axon terminal, cellular biology, neurology
illustration of Magnified, medical, anatomy, neuron, axon, synaptic cleft, synapse, depolarization, myofibrils, cisternae, synaptic vessel, mitochondria, vlood vessels, voltage-gated, sarcolemma, signals, signal transfer, myosin, actin, anatomical, proteins, junction, neuromuscular, neurology, molecules, zoomed in, diagram, explain, cutaway, cross section, textbook, illustrated figure, science, molecular, magnification, vector, flesh colored, neuroscience, communications, disorders, mechanisms
illustration of Floral, flowers, columbine, orchids, lady's slipper, blooming, botanical art, botanical gardens, gardening, colorful, pink, nature, blossoms, dew covered, leaves, leafy, watercolor, colorful washes, colorful background, depth, elegance, elegant, beautiful, beauty, delicate


Airbrush, Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Graphic, Impressionistic, Painterly, Realism, Silhouette, Storyboards, Technical, Watercolor, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art, Motion, Vector, e-Learning


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Education, Health, Historical, Industrial, Information Graphics, Landscape, Leisure, Medical, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Science, Scientific, Sports, Technology, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Feminine, Masculine, Edgy, Environmental