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Patrick Harrington

illustration of Sabrina
illustration of Honeymooners Caricature
Honeymooners, Character design, Cartoon, Caricature, Caricatures, black and white, Ink wash, texture, gritty, Gray, grayscale, vintage, classic, TV stars, nostalgia, Golden age TV, New York apartment, bus driver, Ralph Kramden, Ed Norton, Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Comedy, bang zoom, one of these days, to the moon
illustration of Breaking bad, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and blue meth.

Tags: Breaking bad,
Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, blue meth, Blue, Heisenberg, King pin, cartel, meth, chemistry, drugs, classroom, test tube, lightbulb, hazmat, hazmat suit, underwear, Band-Aid, nose, school, science, bitch, best, yellow
illustration of Crabs-n-Beer
Snow crabs, King crabs, cigars, cigar smoke, bar, fight, bar fight, beer, keg, beer keg, angry, drinking, drunk, doorman, purple, psychedelics, trippy, claw, red, orange,smoking,joint,cough
illustration of The Killer Whale and the pink Snail
Kidsbook in process-
A whale of a tale moral of the story:
Mice who live in cheese houses shouldn’t throw... money around?:

Kidsbook, children’s book, Killer whale, pink snail, money, cheese, house, mouse, farting, farting mouse, underwater, black and white, orca, Ocean,sky
illustration of The Shisnisz Kids
Character designs and animation for multicultural Animated kidsbook series in progress. 
by Jerome Richardson

Kidsbook, kids TV, children’s entertainment, multicultural, diversity, dad, mom, children, family, house, girl, boy, teenager, African-American, Caucasian,Happy, fUNny, cute, love, family guy, Philadelphia,brown,purple
illustration of Book report! Kids book illustration. 

Kidsbook, children’s book, Book report, school, school kids, cute, African-American, charlottes web, jaws, spider, shark, teeth, braces, paint, hair, dreads, schoolgirl sloppy, happy, joyful,fun
illustration of Trump Tattoos Sammy
Political cartoon America is dying to get back to work! Open the beauty shops and tattoo parlors-Mike Pence fluffs Trumps hair while Trump tattoos Covid on uncle Sams back. Covid-my corona!

Political cartoon, editorial, commentary, Caricature, Caricatures,
sketchy, scribble, gritty,grunge,
Trump, Pence, Covid, Corona, tattoo, pain, needle, hairdryer, tattoo artist, Uncle Sam, Gray, green, orange, grungy, Bigley
illustration of Circus time at KML
Fantasy cartoon concept art
spotlight, act, Circus, carnival, big top, flying trapeze, People, ladies and gentlemen, knife thrower, dancing, elephants, dancing elephants waterslide, acrobats, balloons, ringleader, strongman, psychedelic, trippy, joyful, celebration, lighting, blue, red and purple
illustration of Three Stooges
Character design, Cartoon, Caricature, caricatures, black and white, Ink wash, texture, gritty, Gray, grayscale, vintage, classic, TV stars, nostalgia, Golden age TV, Moe, Larry, Curly, Violin, pie, glue, perfume, scowl, grin, bossy, Knuckleheads, childhood, porcupine, chowderhead, nyuck nyuck, victim of circumstance
illustration of Led Zeppelin. Caricature 
Promotional piece- the best band Ever! 

Psychedelic, Psychedelic art, art, starburst, scream, magical, dreamy, shriek, bombastic, gong, Dragon, music, electric,  Jimmy Page, guitars, bow, mandolin, theramin ,Robert Plant, vocals, harmonica, John Paul Jones, bass, keyboards, and John Bonzo Bonham, drums, sticks, spoons, RocknRoll, Rock Gods,
illustration of Homeward Bound board game-pitched to Hasbro. Box cover design. Game concept by Greg Miller

Tags: Game, board game, game board, elephant, gorilla, zebra, lion, crocodile, cartoon, jungle, Africa, puzzled, confused, Digital,green
illustration of Trumped- the game-Political cartoon game board. Private commission game art-Cover box and gameboard design

Political cartoon, board game, game board, game, Caricature’s, Caricatures, editorial, commentary,
sketchy, scribble, gritty, grunge,
Trump, Putin, Kremlin, fake news, Pence, 3 AM, Tweet, Twitter, tweeting, cell phone, heelspurs, grab, pussy, grab pussy, orange, Bigley, Red white and blue, Green
illustration of Trumped the gameboard-
Illustration and Design for board game private commission.
Political cartoon, board game, game board, game, Caricature’s, Caricatures, editorial, commentary,
sketchy, scribble, gritty, grunge,
Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Kim Jong-un, Don Junior, Eric Trump, Kellyanne Conway,Kellyanne ConwayPutin, Kremlin, fake news, Pence, 3 AM, Tweet, Twitter, tweeting, cell phone, heelspurs, grab, pussy, grab pussy, orange, Bigley, Red white and blue, rockets, bombs, blood
illustration of Galaxy board game
Illustration and game board design. Galaxy game by Greg Miller pitched to Hasbro

Tags: Game, board game, game board, Digital, Galaxy, space, satellites, tiles, future, futuristic, best, Player, strategy, cosmic, stars
illustration of Trumpy
animation of Animation Reel--various clip/ samples from animation projects
illustration of Witchy Spell-kidsbook Illustration for “That’s Not Chocolate, Nigel!”
Kidsbook, children’s book, witch, spell, black cat, magic, scared, boy, mean, evil, nasty, storm, lightning, dark, rotten, teeth,hat
illustration of Lady Luck. Hot girl with bling holds poker chip.

Beautiful, beautiful girl, bling, jewelry, earrings, lipstick, glitter, gambling, legs, hat, dress, poker chips, green, silver, colorful, sexy, sultry, gaming, casino, winning, gorgeous, Best, hottie, hairstyle
illustration of Straight flush ace high.
Tattooed stud at poker table has pockets overflowing showing straight flush ace king queen Jack ten of hearts.

Cards, bling, dollars, tattoos, pockets, poker, chips, poker chips, poker table, casino, gaming, gambling, green, red, muscles, chain, earring, diamond, money, Rich,Winner, best
illustration of Night time at KML
Fantasy cartoon concept art-nightclub scene transformation 
Bar, bartender, meeting, socializing, party, alcohol, drinking, cool, decorative,
People, ladies and gentlemen, dancing, psychedelic, trippy, joyful, celebration, lighting, blue, red, purple, nightclub, scene, transformation
illustration of America: Armed and Dangerous-editorial illustration on gun control inaction and carnage.

Editorial illustration, gun, gun control, blood, scales, scales of justice, dangerous,
Justice, justice is blind,
Carnage, 2nd amendment, futility, dark, politicians, cowards, gritty, splatter
illustration of Hippie joint-Animated jokebook-hippies with a boombox sharing a Doobie.
Hippie, hippies, Weed, marijuana, joints, ganja, bellbottoms, boom box, stoned, sandals, gogo boots, trippy, Groovy, psychedelic, high,Kaleidoscope eyes


I am always interested in creating cool illustrations for new clients!. Presently I provide various services to meet clients' needs around the globe. I have over 25 years experience as an illustrator, graphic artist, character designer and caricaturist & cartoonist, etc. I am proficient in Photoshop, illustrator, flash, sketch, etc. I work in many different styles & create various materials for multiple clients depending on their needs. Specializing in kids books, illustration, character design & development, iPad apps, ebooks, mascots and Flash animated cartoon shorts as well as whiteboard video.


Airbrush, Animation, Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Mixed Media, Special Effects, Stylized, Watercolor, Whimsical, Flash, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Apps/Mobile, Graphic Recording


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Futuristic, Holidays, Licensing, Music, Mystery, People, Political, Posters, Product, Science, Toys & Games, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Americana, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Game, Edgy, Grunge