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Honest History Magazine

Spring 2021 Issue - Ancient Mayans

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Illustrations by Bright Artist Skylar White for Honest History Magazine

Honest History Magazine

Skylar White

Represented by

The Bright Agency
103-105 St John's Hill, London
London, SW11 1SY
United Kingdom


Skylar White is an illustrator living in New York City with her husband and their cat Alfie. Prior to New York, she lived in Denver, Colorado and got her degree in illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. She has an affinity for projects that infuse the everyday with a touch of the magical. As a kid, she was constantly informed by teachers that vocabulary tests and other documents were not for doodling but was encouraged to keep a spare piece of paper nearby for those distractions. Today that tick still remains to scribble something on the nearest piece of paper. Her preferred mediums are watercolor and gouache, but there is always a possibility of microns, colored pencils, ink and digital brushes to work their way into the mix.