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Be Ready Explorers

Be Ready Explorers - Senegal

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Illustration by Bright Artist Vivian Mineker for Be Ready Explorers

Vivian Mineker

Vivian Mineker

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The Bright Agency
103-105 St John's Hill, London
London, SW11 1SY
United Kingdom


Vivian is a Taiwanese-American illustrator currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She’s always loved to create images to bring to life the imaginative world she’s constantly daydreaming of (spacing out and daydreaming was one of her favorite activities). It continued into her work today where she creates characters and worlds that reflect her imaginations, inspired by observations of the real world around her. She mainly uses watercolor and gouache as the traditional part of her work, then puts on the finishing fine touches digitally with Photoshop. Some of her clients include the Quarto Group, Usborne, Simon & Schuster, Nike, Familius, Shiseido and Microsoft. When she’s not drawing or painting, you can probably find her outside running around with her dog Darlie, browsing and sniffing at books in bookstores, or strolling along the river in the center of Ljubljana, occasionally stopping for a cup of coffee or a piece of cake.