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illustration of Impalas leaping across a wooden floor following a small african american child wearing red pajamas
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illustration of Young black boy in classroom raising hand and speaking teacher writing on blackboard words on blackboard and in speech bubble above boy
illustration of Black man picking cacao beans from tree Man in line with colorful background
illustration of black man and child making cake in bowl on table with farmers silhouetted in background


Drawing and painting have always been among the most important things to Elizabeth Zunon. She was born in Albany, NY and grew up in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. One of her earliest memories is of the proud feeling she had when she first learned to write the letter “E” for her name. Surrounded by the bright, vibrant colors of everyday West African fabrics and tropical vegetation, Elizabeth’s love of color and pattern only grew. After returning to the United States, Elizabeth attended the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a B.F.A. in Illustration in 2006. Her illustrated picture book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind was chosen as one of Amazon’s Best Children’s Books of 2012. She now lives in Albany, NY, where she explores a multicultural world through painting, beading, sewing, and collage. Her twelfth illustrated children’s book, Grandpa Cacao: a Tale of Chocolate, from Farm to Family (Bloomsbury), was published in May 2019. It is her first authored-illustrated book: a true story about chocolate! Elizabeth’s book Bedtime for Sweet Creatures earned four star reviews and was named one of 2020’s best books by Barnes & Noble, Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, among others.


Collage, Cut Paper, Gouache, Line with Color, Oil, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stylized, Silk Prints, Chalkboard


Action, Animals, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Fantasy, Food, Historical, Icons, Landscape, Agriculture, Ethnic, Environmental