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Emily Birch

illustration of A piece in response to a Novara Media article about the Ridley Road Market and their ongoing battle with developers.
illustration of An observation of how we spend our time outside during the working day.
illustration of A piece from a personal project exploring movement, shapes and composition.
illustration of A collaboration with @designfestbrum and Birmingham 2022 festival.   My work was featured amongst 23 other incredible artists on festival sites at Victoria Square and Smithfield, in the centre of Birmingham from 29th July - 8th August.   The piece itself is in response to the festival’s 2022 theme of ‘Freedom’.
illustration of A piece in response to some articles and books I read during lockdown about the effects of hormonal contraception. A topic not spoken about enough, particularly when focusing on the negative side effects that impact the every day lives of those who use it.
illustration of A piece exploring the downfall of highstreet fashion and the increasing popularity of online shops. Fast fashion is destroying the planet, creating horrific working conditions for garment workers and stealing the work of small artists.
illustration of A personal project to help raise awareness behind the negative effects that single use period products can bring and highlight the positives of reusable options.
illustration of A few images exploring sadness and loneliness with shapes and block colour.


An illustrator who loves to experiment with bold bright colours with elements of texture, pattern and detail. They generally work in a digital format using a variety of brushes, ranging from realistic styles to simplistic, stylised pieces. Their interests and passions lie with left wing politics, sustainable living and feminism. You will often find them staring at plants, doodling on their iPad or trying to upcycle anything they can get their hands on. Previous work has involved book covers, album covers and editorial work, both online and physical.


Abstract, Design, Digital, Graphic, Line with Color, Stylized


Adventure, Editorial, Education, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Health, Holidays, Leisure, Medical, Mural, Nature, People, Political, Posters, Sports, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Urban