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Victoria Beyer

illustration of Flower composition of 3 blue-violet clematis, done for an assignment on decorative flowers.

Watercolor illustration, real size.
The three branches interpose themselves to give depth. They are also arranged in a way to display the dorsal and ventral surface of the leaves. It also shows several stages of the flower, from flower bud to opening, to fully opened and the last stage showing a feathery seed head.
illustration of Graphite pencil photorealistic illustration of a delicate branch of seed pods from a Golden Tree.
illustration of Iris germanica, blue-violet and yellow flower.
Watercolor illustration, real size.
This is part of a composition of
illustration of Stack of Brezels, a distinctive way of presenting bretzels in Germany.
Pure watercolor.
illustration of Mixed media, watercolor and ink, fine liner for the olives, and a dip pen for calligraphy and frame. I wanted to go for a more


Calligraphy, Fine Art, Line with Color, Pencil, Photoillustration, Realism, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral


Book Covers, Botanical, Editorial, Education, Food, Greeting Cards, Licensing, Nature, Packaging, Product, Food/Beverage