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Akesi Martinez

illustration of A women laying in surrounded by vases and daily objects
illustration of We can see a woman looking at the opposite site, with plants, flowers and objects around her.  The objects as part of our daily day, a map of ourselves and also a woman as an active person.
illustration of A woman in nature look at the front where other flowers are
illustration of Two women speaks in a coffee about something we can not see trough a frame window.
illustration of A moadboard view of editorial illustration for a magazine


Hi there*** My name is Akesi Martinez, I am a Spanish illustrator based in London. My work is conceptual, and digital, where I create my own textures with different traditional and printmaking techniques . I like to find the materials expressiveness and the storytelling behind the illustration. My references are mainly all kind of art where the form adapts itself to the content, when the tales and human beliefs were all part of one unit (such as Inuit, native Australian, prehistoric Celtic, and Romanesque art along others). I have experience working with magazines, music covers, murals, showcases, and architectural Illustration. My professional grades include Design and Fine Arts specialized in Illustration (HNC), Master Architect (M2), and Lecoq theatre studies. All of them, and my daily life, influence my work.


Conceptual, Digital, Pastel, Pencil, Texture, Floral, Concept Art, Monoprints, Crayon


Botanical, Editorial, Education, Landscape, Nature, People, Science, Scientific, Still Life, Lifestyle, Feminine, Environmental