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Travis Constantine

illustration of Black and white Illustration of Adele

Inspired by her song Easy on Me

Editorial, design, medium, style
illustration of Original Illustration which shows the process of making love.

Editorial, Color, style, medium, style
illustration of Illustration of Mike Tyson fighting the Marshallow man from Ghostbusters.

Editorial, illustration, style, Color, boxing
illustration of Editorial illustration about the legacy of 9/11

Editorial, black and white, magazine
illustration of An Illustration of London’s financial district Canary Wharf.

Editorial, Color, medium, style
illustration of Illustration of the globally successful show Squid Game.

Editorial, Color, style, squid game, design
illustration of Illustration inspired by Beethovens Fur Elise

Editorial, style, Color, music


Welcome, my name is Travis! I am an imaginative illustrator, storyteller and problem solver living in London. My work relies on a mixture of light and dark concepts accompanied by daring narratives. My goal is to visually communicate designs that are creative, tasteful and striking, in order to establish a genuine connection with my audience. I love illustrating people and landscapes, across a wide range of subjects! Feel free to contact me whether it’s in regards to commission work, or to discuss anything art related !


Design, Digital, Line, Photoillustration


Editorial, Landscape, Music, Portrait, Web Illustration