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Julie Stone

illustration of Conceptual editorial spec on wellbeing within your career. Digital illustration, minimal, gradient, blue, wellness, lifestyle, ligne claire, texture, noise, water.
illustration of Conceptual editorial spec on finding spiritual wellbeing through nature. Digital illustration, simple, clean, texture, gradient, sunset, calm, wellness.
illustration of Conceptual editorial spec on how physical health improves mental wellness. Digital illustration, minimalist, gradients, green, water, health, self-care.
illustration of Postcard design on the importance of keeping in touch both physically and digitally. Digital illustration, noise, gradient, light, boats, minimal, calm.
illustration of Entry for the Batsford Prize, under the theme of
illustration of Conceptual editorial spec on how new access to mobile phones and the internet is giving Indian women more freedoms. Digital illustration, gradient, sun, wifi, mountain, bridge, hope, future, path.
illustration of Conceptual editorial spec on the benefits of visualization techniques in education. Digital Illustration, space, colour, motion, growth, retro, gradient.
illustration of Conceptual editorial spec on taking control of your decisions and self-growth. Digital illustration, minimal, clean lines, red, mirror, self-care, goals.
illustration of Conceptual editorial spec on gender dysphoria and feeling trapped within the wrong body. Digital illustration, wellbeing, mental health, transgender, minimal, risoprint.


I'm an illustrator originally from Austin, Texas, though I’ve absolutely loved settling down in Bournemouth after achieving my first class BA in Illustration at Arts University Bournemouth. I’m open to a variety of illustration work, though my strength lies in clean conceptual designs which use metaphor and symbolism. Some themes that I gravitate towards are wellbeing and lifestyle, current events, social issues, and science. Elements that inform my work include ligne claire, historical Japanese woodblock prints, the natural world, and vintage science fiction. If you have a project I can help with, pop me an email!


Abstract, Conceptual, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Stylized, Texture


Children, Editorial, Education, Greeting Cards, Health, People, Technology, Lifestyle, Spiritual, Ethnic, Environmental