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Elisabeth Suelli

illustration of A young red haired black girl holding a red cardinal phoenix against a snowy mountain backdrop with a pale white and blue falcon phoenix in the sky. Storm clouds are forming in the background. POC, middle grade, book cover, mountain, blue, green, child, girl, birds, bird, snow
illustration of A woman's torso, cropped from the shoulders to the pelvis, holding her abdomen filled with corals and tropical fish as if she were pregnant with the sea. Underwater, ocean, bubbles, origin of life, angel fish, clown fish, blue, green, orange, yellow
illustration of A young long haired melancholy woman wearing a turquoise sweater surrounded by whirling snow holding a match in one hand and shielding it from the snow. Dramatic lighting, sad, sorrow, fairytale, cover, book cover,
illustration of A young desperate looking man holding his face while digging his fingers deep enough into his temples causing bleeding. The arms are bruised and he is dispersing against the background, which is a busy and many layered overwhelming pattern of the words
illustration of An illustration of Eve wrapped in the snake with the forbidden fruit in her hand offered to the viewer with confidence. The idea behind this was to show what if Eve instead of being tricked, she embraces the wisdom granted despite the danger. Conceptual, woman, snake, apple, feminism, curly hair, earth tones, broken halo, confidence, nude
illustration of A 3/4 view of a bengal cat with a flower crown made of daisies sitting in tall grass surrounded by more daisies. The cat is facing right and is alert. Pet, cat, kitty, floral, watercolor, whimsical
illustration of A cat portrait of a white and ginger colored tomcat with golden green eyes looking at the viewer, surrounded by purple roses and lilies. Watercolor, cute, floral, flowers, whimsical, memorial pet painting
illustration of A profile view of a maine coon cat in blue framed by pink and blue flowers along the corners. Whimsical, floral, watercolor, child-like
illustration of A handsome ginger longhaired tomcat winking at the viewer surrounded by decorative swirls. The cat is a maine coon with only one eye
Whimsical, watercolor, cat, orange cat, pet,
illustration of A portrait of a bengal cat with a flower crown made of clovers looking at the viewer with green eyes. The cat is sitting in a field of clovers. Pet, kitty, whimsical, clover, flower, cute,
illustration of A lively and colorful scene with a tiny fantasy critter with a leaf for a face and two red leaves for ears sleeping peacefully on a bright orange pumpkin with twisting pumpkin leaves framing the little Autumn spirit.
illustration of A fantastical horned owl with deep golden eyes and gold to green feathers, sitting on a tree branch with has pink blossoms around. Fantasy, magical, magic, wisdom, children's illustration, flowers
illustration of A glowing white haired crying woman dressed in a romantic corseted dress in white and purple, standing upon a castle balcony with a tower beside her and the moon in the upper left illuminating the scene. Stars, night scene, magical, ghost, whimsical, moonlight, glow, flowing, wind
illustration of A golden mermaid sitting with her back facing the viewer outside of the water on rocks with only her tailfin in the water. Her face is not visible as she has her head down in sorrow. The background is of a sunset over the sea. Gold, orange, rocky lagoon, red, blue, sad, fairytale, the little mermaid
illustration of A young smiling blonde woman sitting upon a magical moss covered tree with a kind elderly face smiling down at her. In the back are blurry tress with the sunlight illuminating the scene. Magic, whimsical, fantastical, green, tree, trees, forest, magical woods, woods, tree climbing, fairies, moss, kindness, peaceful, fantasy
illustration of A dancing mermaid with lionfish tailfin, back facing to the viewer surrounded by blue water. Orange, red, white, blue, fishfin, bubbles, stripes, strong
illustration of A whimsical blue haired mermaid with large fins looking up at her hand which is surrounded by a gold orb. Behind her a couple more gold dots/orbs of magic. 
Mermaid, magic, swimming, watercolor, children's book, storybook, illustration
illustration of A redheaded woman with a pixie cut dressed in a ruffly purple and blue skirt with leg warmers, boots, and a brown hoodie. She is holding a witchy necklace. A ginger cat is rubbing against her legs as she leans against a shelf filled with trinkets and magical objects. On top of the shelf is a fern and along the wall is an open window with the curtains blowing and flowers and feathers are hanging on the wall.
illustration of Shaped piece of an Angel hugging herself and covering her face and pelvis with the eye-covered wings, with a halo of light behind her. Androgynous, eyes, religious, spiritual, tender, hidden, delicate, wings, angel, halo, blue, gold, glow
illustration of An androgynous long haired man with out strechted arms and hands balled into fists with a glow. Large demon or bat wings cover his face and lap. A golden circular glow is behind him on a black background. Power, curse, demonic, floating, hidden face, demon tail, strong figure, muscular, gold, dark blue, orange
illustration of A tender painting of two women laying together, fingers laced with their heads turned to each other. On top of their chests are their glowing anatomically correct hearts visible which are connected together by the veins and arteries, which also web off into the rest of their bodies. Love, queer, lgbt, purple, rest, romance, romantic, lesbian, lovers, couple,
illustration of A shaped piece of the upper body of a woman, with art nouveau inspired hair filled with flowers. Her eyes are covered with a blood dripping bandage. Just below her chest her skin is frayed and her bones are showing, but out of her hip bones flowers are growing, as if out of decay new life will bloom. The end is not necessarily the end, but just the beginning or something new. Grim, dark, decaying, beauty in death, death, rebirth
illustration of A young woman is laying on her side along a dark floor which is consuming her with black tendrils pulling her deeper into the darkness of depression. Her expression shows exhaustion, and one of her arms has scars on it. Swallowed by the dark, despair, mental health, mental health disorder, mental illness,
illustration of A genderless and featureless human figure surrounded by several masks of various age groups and ethnic faces. The red background has a thick oil like drips melting on to the orange floor, on which the figure is kneeling. Ego, loss of self, pale, orange, red, green, black, sad, happy, old, young, male, female, unsettling
illustration of Mental Health Awareness poster of a mirrored blonde woman, the top half displaying a manic and sleepless smile dressed in a purple sweater, and the bottom half displaying the same woman with her hand pressed to her forehead, despairing expression with tears. Purple, bipolar, mental illness, mental health, bipolar, bi-polar, manic depression, growing darkness, depression, mania, scars
illustration of A young anorexic mostly nude woman covered in measuring tape that reads
illustration of A dark forest scene with an at rest woman laying against a tree and boulder illuminated by glowing mushrooms and fireflies coming off her body. Her right femur is exposed implying that the woman is dead and becoming one with the earth again. Green, woods, creepy, eerie, life, death, lightning bugs, willowisps, moss, dark, night, midnight, whimsical, glow, glowing, circle of life,
illustration of On top there is a colorful fantastical scene of a colorful night sky with three moons and northern lights illuminating a tree that is growing strong from a green field. Below the brown roots transition to black and white hair swept up from a black and white woman with a serene expression. Whimsical, imaginative, growth, fantasy, tree, dreaming, dream, mother earth, gaia
illustration of A side view of a woman wearing a billowing orange dress, which is being played with by the wind along with her hair. The background is a view of a colorful sunset through two rocky mountains. Orange, purple, red, yellow, rocks, mountain range, sun, setting sun, fairytale
illustration of A small dragon is curled up and sleeping on a pile of rocks with shadows hushing over him, and behind him is a small stream cutting through rolling hills and into a distant forest. The rocks are covered in moss and the tall grass is green. Prairie, Book illustration, picture book, landscape, opening scene, river, creek, woods,
illustration of A whimsical scene out of a children's book, featuring an ecstatic young mammoth paragliding and flying through swirled and whimsical clouds while a small pudgy dragon is joyously giggling watching the mammoth have fun. Fantasy, swirly clouds, cloudy, kite, flying, flying, fun, joy, experiencing something new
illustration of A fiery twirling figure in a blue billowing dress against a blue and pink galaxy star speckled sky with white outlines. Swirls, dancer, dancing, red, orange, fire, space, galaxy, whimsical, fantasy, twirl, stars, magic, magical,
illustration of A portrait of a blue-green skinned woman with a choppy cut teal to white gradient wig covering her eyes. She has gold lips and is wearing an elaborate art nouveau inspired necklace and headdress. Fashionable, jewelry, fancy, decorative, strong, feminine,
illustration of A portrait of a young woman looking up with wavy brown hair, bright red lipstick, and red clothing. The background is a gradient from red to yellow. Magical, hopeful, hope, sunrise, sunset, portrait, beauty, beautiful,
illustration of A disturbing portrait of an unconscious woman laying on a medical bed with gloved hands holding her down. A ghostly visage of the woman is layered over her holding her open throat with a shocked expression. Above her is a flat-lining heart monitor line. Blood, medical trauma, horror, horror story, oxygen mask, surgery, fear, scary, scared, bloody
illustration of A white unicorn woman with long silver/grey hair, with her hand on her chest, with a lightning bolt over her revealing a dirty purple dress, dark grey skin, and a red eye. Background is textured and has a fraying heart behind the figure's head. 
Silver, woman, heart, grunge, unicorn, blue, white, sad smile, cover
illustration of A side profile profile portrait of a pink skinned woman with closed eyes wearing a purple cloche hat and jacket with a yellow bob haircut on a yellow to pink to blue to purple gradient background. Feminine hand purple, red, brown, gold, decorative, colorful, peaceful, french aesthetic, retro fashion
illustration of An interior scene in a coffee house with a back facing long haired person wearing headphones and writing in a note book sitting at a table with a steaming mug on it. There are a couple of paintings on the wall of trees. Cafe, tea, tea house, music, drawing, writing, still life, quiet, calm, peaceful
illustration of A human-like figure laying in a fetal position on its side made entirely of branches, framed by a border of leaves. Growth, rest, stillness, melancholy, mother earth, earth, tree, twigs, plant,
illustration of Ornate butterfly stickers with hidden skull motives in the bottom wings. Filigree, dots, simple, graphic, green, pink, orange, sticker, bug, insect, goth, gothic,
illustration of A pink heart with a bow and a bandaid on it and a lock in the middle of it, surrounded by dark red splatter with art nouveau inspired swirls, which are holding a pink key under the heart with a white outerline/border on a black background
illustration of Red and blue with black lineart and white accented ladybug with a hidden skull motive in the open red wing shells. Ornate rendering of the color shifts. Sticker, gothic, punk, graphic, bug, skulls,
illustration of A cat shaped typography piece featuring a collar with a heart-shaped tag reading
illustration of Very round and fluffed birds colored with different lgbt pride flag colors. The classic LGBT pride, Lesbian, Trans pride, transsexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, ace, nonbinary, enby, aromantic pride. Bird, borb, cartoon, pride month, inclusion, stickers, lgbtqia, inclusive, rainbow, cute, fluffy
illustration of A large blue speech bubble with the white font words Stories of Hope inside, overlaid by a smaller speech bubble with the words with Jayc inside. The podcast was for disabled people to tell their stories, of how there is hope even in the darkest of circumstances. Logo, branding, noteworthy, type
illustration of A black ink splatter with swirled tendrils in an art nouveau style with the embelished words of art is life in white type in the middle. Swirls, swirly, whimsical, mug graphic, tshirt graphic, fancy
illustration of An ornate black and white drawing of a butterfly with hidden skulls in the lower wings. Lots of filigree, swirls, dots. Punk, gothic, goth, whimsical, hidden skull, sticker, tattoo, halloween,
illustration of A round black and white vector logo featuring a dark bottom half out of which is sprouting a glowing flower to symbolize that even when its the darkest, there is always hope. Mental health, hope, help, growth
illustration of Ornate black and white ladybug with a skull motive in the wing shells. Bug, creepy crawler, goth, gothic, lineart, line art, insect, filigree,
illustration of A crescent moon with a face in profile that has 8 stars hanging from the top inside the moon. The hand lettering reads Iza's Face Ups in all captial letters. Black and white, logo, moon, stars, stencil, design, branding
illustration of Two ghost covered fox skeletons, one dressed as a 1920s gentleman and the other as a 1920s flapper girl ready to go out for the evening. Skeleton, bones, fox, fox skulls, animals, smoke, dapper, dapper man, creepy, death, dead
illustration of Three pencil rendered upright standing skeleton ghost cats dressed in classic victorian outfits. On the left is a ghost cat dressed in a victorian dress and holding an open parasol behind herself. In the middle is a young boy ghost cat holding a ball dressed in victorian children's garb. On the right is a ghost cat dressed as a victorian gentleman holding a filled wine glass. Creepy, super natural, skeleton, bones, cat skeleton, cat skull, skull, Victorian, macabre
illustration of A tree full of leaves with twisted bark growing out of the side of a mountain with a fairy sitting in a swing from one of the branches, back facing the viewer and clouds underneath. Black and white, fairytale, leafy tree, magical, resting,
illustration of A black and white ink illustration of a mermaid sitting on some tall rocks rising out of the breaching waves. She is facing towards land but is looking out at the sea. 
Fantastical, storybook, traditional art, whimsical, fantasy
illustration of A black and white illustration of a mermaid with a curled fin and a wicked smile on her face. Her hair is floating around. Siren, underwater, character concept, ink, power, strong, muscular


Elisabeth Suelli, a.k.a. Iza, is an artist based in the bustling city of Vienna in Austria. Born in 1989 in the same city, Iza spent 17 years in the USA from age 11 to 28, before moving back to her home country in 2017. There she resides with her supportive and equally artistic spouse and two cats, dreaming of brighter tomorrows and working towards making them a reality. Drawing and painting have been a lifelong passion for Elisabeth, especially upon moving to the Midwest state of Minnesota in the USA. There she spent countless hours drawing and doodling, filling many sketchbooks before finally deciding that art could be more than a passion. Upon learning that Illustration was a bustling and thriving field, she decided to go to Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2008. She completed her Bachelors in Illustration in May 2013. Elisabeth’s imagination had always been filled with fantastical scenes and stories, sometimes with a dark twisted element of real-life issues. Those have given her a wide range from being able to create playfully whimsical illustrations to dark and depth filled pieces. Art has been an integral aspect of her personal growth and exploration during her formative years and has persisted as a way to continue to express herself. Other passions include working on ball jointed dolls, dancing, writing, and singing, much to the cats' dismay.


Abstract, Black & White, Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Fine Art, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Logo Design, Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stylized, Texture, Type Design, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Concept Art, Film/Entertainment, Vector


Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Icons, Landscape, Leisure, Licensing, Mystery, Nature, Packaging, People, Political, Portrait, Posters, Religious, Romance, Sci-Fi, Still Life, Toys & Games, Travel, Web Design, Web Illustration, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Masculine, Spiritual, Youth, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Grunge, Urban, Branding, Surface Design, Logos