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Paul Reynolds

illustration of Since the day he first sat in from of Saturday cartoons with his box of crayons... 

Wizard, cartoon wizard, magic, fantasy,cartooning, black and white, sketching, drawing, books, comics, fun
illustration of Often he pondered for hours on a single line.  

Cartoon, cartoon wizard, wizard, pen and ink, drawing, black and white  drawing, fun,fantasy, pondering, thinking, reflecting, creativity, books, children's books
illustration of Having never used color before the wizard's meditation was infinitely more alive.  

Wizard, Cartoon Wizard, bowls of color, meditation, fun, fantasy, children's books,
illustration of They found working together was ...FUN!  

Witch, Wizard, Color Witch, Cartoon Wizard, dancing, creating, fun, fantasy
illustration of The teacher and the student are you!  

Guru, teacher, whimsical, cartoon, color, yoga, caricature, swami, new age, comic, humorous illustration,book illustration,
illustration of Just two good buddies out on the town for a good time.  

Dalai Lama, His holiness,  alien gray, alien, cartoon, caricature, sci-fi, fantasy, buddhist, party,
illustration of Sometimes your sun-sign just sucks.  

Cartoon, astrology, pity party, bar scene, complaining, new age, spiritual, life plan, comic, comic book, cartoon,
illustration of Just some stuff not worth hangin' onto. 

Life, weighed down, stuff, simple, old story, cartoon, journey, travel, new age, cartoon,comic
illustration of Cartoon, Colored Pencil, Humor, Spiritual
illustration of It's that time of year y'all!! How are you going to approach your taxes this year?
taxes, cartoon, cartoon strip, preparing taxes,
illustration of Rembrandt got nothin' on you!! 

Inspiration, painter, art, life, Love, Truth, gratitude, painting, experience,cartoon, comic,whimsical, art studio, media
illustration of Ain't no feeling like it!!

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illustration of Big Waves Big Dudes!  From the graphic collection
illustration of A card carry9ing CPA during the day, and after the whistle blows he's out to find a
illustration of Extreme snowboarder - Tsuninomo!!  Part of the graphic collection
illustration of How do you think these massive bodies can get so flexible? - Sumoyoga! - of course! From the collection;
illustration of The wail of a tenor sax reverberates throughout the Himalayas.  

Sasquatch, Big foot, Yeti, cartoon, mythical beings, saxophone, snowboard, snowboarding, extreme sports, winter sports, fantasy, mythical creature, character design, comic, caricature
illustration of He prefers them to hopping from ledge to ledge.

Ski, skis, Skiing, sports, winter, winter sports, extreme sports, mountain goat, goat, cartoon goat, caricature,
illustration of Mary and Larry takin' it to the streets!!

Skateboarding, inline skating, extreme sports, cartoon, comic, caricature, whimsical comic characters


Paul Reynolds (aka The Cartoon Wizard,) continues his 40-year ‘stint’ plying his trade as a freelance, cartoonist, illustrator and writer on the island of Kauai. 

A Journalism major with an art minor in college he won awards as an editorial cartoonist. His first published work appeared in Coaching Young Athletes – (Human Kinetics Press) and was the co-author and artist for a nationally syndicated feature called “Strictly Classified” with The Chicago Tribune syndicate. During this time he worked with the San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco City College, and the Half Moon Bay continuing education program where he taught the art of cartooning both to adults and to children. Moving to the island of Kauai, Paul continued his ‘other’ teaching career as one of the islands premier hatha yoga instructors where he was the yoga editor and artist for Hawaii’s Inspiration Magazine as well as providing graphic and copy writing support for Emagine Web marketing one of Kauai’s major web design/marketing companies. Paul maintains his own weekly Inspirational blog filled with his writings and artwork as well as other writings that have come to him through a variety of sources as well as several on-line ‘galleries’ for his illustration and book projects. His philosophy is rooted in the knowledge that we are Unlimited Ideas and that the truly effective teachers are our ‘gurus’ within….“Life is a weaving of similarities and the unexpected. We ride a wave of … possibilities. We are able to grow and listen more effectively when we don’t get too comfortable with patterns.”


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