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Barbara Owczarek

illustration of A digital illustration of multicultural children flying above the Earth. Children's book artwork promoting diversity, peace and togetherness.
illustration of A digital illustration inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, promoting positive attitude towards life and the others around.
illustration of Humoristic illustration of a mouse playing trick on a cat. An allegory of a bully and their victim. 
A digital spread from a children's book.
illustration of An animation background depicting Cathedral in France, with stained glass windows and atmospheric mysterious mood.
illustration of A digital illustration of Glaucus Atlanticus, a dragon snail, one of the most unusual creatures of Earth.
illustration of A digital painting of three Polar Bears watching Northern lights on a piece of an iceberg.
illustration of Illustration promoting new mothers' psychological and emotional wellbeing and a healthy development of babies.
animation of A collection of 2d animation clips including frame by frame and a puppet animations.

animation, showreel, cartoon, 2d, character animation,
illustration of A little snail has big dreams, he wishes one day he can fly with a help of a dandelion seed.
illustration of Deep in the forest, on the top of an old tree, there lives a Ladybird Queen, with her ladybird family.


Animation, Cartoon, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Realism, Whimsical


Humor, Animals, Architecture, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Family, Fantasy, Mystery, Nature, Scientific, Transportation, Wildlife, Agriculture, Spiritual, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental