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Krister Eide

illustration of In this dream sequence, Mary Anning imagines how prehistoric life must have looked millions of years ago. Swimming in the Jurassic sea, she imagines ammonites, belemnites, and ancient fish.
illustration of Book cover for a middle grade graphic novel work in progress based on the pioneering work of early paleontologist Mary Anning.  As a young girl, Mary discovers a massive fossil head on the crumbling cliffs of Lyme Regis.
illustration of This graphic is based on a pencil drawing of a giant octopus holding the nautilus in its tentacles. Its been used for packing, print on demand cards, clothing, and other print materials.
illustration of Book cover for Nemo, a graphic novel retelling of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. A brooding great horned owl ponders what to do with his captives as giant kraken menace the Nautilus.
illustration of From a graphic novel work-in-progress, Nemo. 

The crew of the Nautilis fight a pod of giant kraken. Ned the Harpooner is hoisted into the air as Nemo wheels around with an ax.
illustration of Nemo shares some of his nautical toys with Professor Arronax, author of Mysteries of the Ocean Depths
illustration of Professor Arronax, his assistant Conseil, and Ned the Harpooner taken in all the amazing ocean life through Nemo's Great Window.


I am a freelance artist and children's book graphic novel illustrator-author who loves fantasy and adventure - from cinematic moments of awe to moments of quiet emotion. I have a particular soft spot for animals, adventure, science, and historical fiction, I enjoy all types of illustration, including covers, spot illustrations, concept art, and background painting. For book projects, my agent is Anna Olswanger of Olswanger Literary.


Black & White, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Graphic, Pencil, Whimsical


Action, Adventure, Animals, Children's Books, Comic Book, Education, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery, Nature, Science, Scientific, Wildlife, Vintage / Retro