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animation of “Rainy Days” is a stylised, 3D animation exploring the beauty of nature and rain in the forest. Created to mimic traditional stop motion, each of the rain splashes are sculpted frame by frame in Zbrush and animated in C4D to give a handmade look.
illustration of Expert 3D stylised illustration of a playful duck sunbathing on a lily pad in a pond. CGI animation, 3D style.
illustration of 3D stylised illustration of an island holiday hotel resort. CGI animation, 3D style, digital, bright, bold, colourful, travel, island, party, slide, fun, palm trees, technical, stop motion.
animation of “Jacks Patch” is a short 3D animation directed and designed just in time for Halloween. It’s a playful and charming piece, heavily influenced by stop motion type animated films. 

Shaded with a limited palette, the short starts out with quite dark grey tones but as we progress, pops of yellow, red and orange appear.
illustration of Whimsical 3D stylised illustration of 2 playful characters blowing bubbles standing on a tree stump. CGI animation, 3D style.
illustration of 3D stylised illustration still of man at beach bar from animated advert for Trivago. CGI digital animation.
animation of Playful animated TV advertisement campaigns for travel brand Trivago.
animation of CGI, Animation, Playful, Food, Shapes, 3D Animation, 3D, Digital, Video, Animator, Dynamic, Colourful, Advertising, Branding, Animated Short, Advert, Film, Drinks, Party, Pink, Funny, Humour, Stylised.
illustration of Expert 3D stylised illustration of a car with caravan on road trip CGI animation, 3D style.
illustration of Expert stylised 3D animation of a bike in the rain. NFT, studios, cycling, rain, bike, outdoors, sports, purple, 3D render, animator, video, movement, digital.


Paul McMahon, aka The Rusted Pixel, is a 3D artist and animator who creates charming and memorable work. Inspired by stop motion and handcrafted art, his work is always playful and vibrant while having a tactile feel. The Rusted Pixel's superpower is the ability to produce studio quality work, alone. From design to direction, animation to sound - Paul is a very capable designer with happy clients such as Adobe, Google, Trivago and more.


Caricature, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Graphic, Stylized, Texture, 3-D Rendering, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, CGI


Adventure, Architecture, Character Development, Children, Fantasy, Food, Holidays, Landscape, Mystery, Nature, People, Sports, Still Life, Travel, Wildlife, Food/Beverage, Urban