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Alex Rokita

illustration of Two children catching leaves and jumping under the chestnut tree. Happiness can be simple and is within reach. Chestnut trees. Nature. Jumping. Couple. Boy. Girl. Fall. Foliage. Flowers. Outdoors. Hills. Meadow. Grass. Night Sky. Stars. Running. Autumn. Hands. Joy. Seasons.
illustration of The girl is chasing a butterfly in a field of sunflowers. She is chasing an illusion represented by the butterfly. Its beauty is captivating but fleeting. Even if the girl were to capture it, she can only enjoy it for a short time. Yet she is persistent, like the sunflowers growing in the fields. The sunflowers are hardy, unlike the delicate roses. The boy stares at her and wonders why she wastes her energy on trying to catch something that is short-lived.
illustration of Lovers gazing at the stars. Couple. Friends. Mountains. Night sky. Hills. Meadow. Nature. Outdoor. Blue. Sitting. Grass. Wind. Water. Black and brown hair. Red and orange shirt. Blossoming trees. Green leaves. Whimsical. Magical.
illustration of Hanging out with my best friend. Brown dog. Girl winning from a tree branch. Happy. Nature. Blond hair. Green grass. Hill. Red dress. flowers. Smiling. Outdoors. Meadow. Whimsical drawing. Colorful. Blossoming leaves. Wild flowers.
illustration of Each end is an opportunity for a new beginning. 
Like trees, to make room for something new, we must prune the dead branches and allow the healthy ones to grow strong. 
The two falling leafs symbolize a fallen love. No longer connected to the tree that gives them life. 
They must find hope again. The red roses dancing in the field, symbolize love. If they don't let go, they'll miss the many opportunities to find love again.
illustration of Leaning on my best friend to carry me through the ups and downs of life. Dream. Brown and black dog. Love. Friendship. Hug. Trust. Sea. Ocean waves. Water. Jump. Fly. Float. Summer. Poodle. Paws. Hands. Two trees. Blossoming green leaves. Grass. Meadow. Trees. Red birds. Night sky. Stars. Outdoors. Hope. Whimsical. Eastern European folklore. Sing. Feel and touch. Hills. Mound. Rocks.
illustration of Escaping with my friend to the country side. Two boats. Sailing. Grasses. Flowers. Sun. Red birds. Water. Lake. Vacation. Relaxing. Happy. Gazing at the water. Dreaming. Blue sky. Tulips. Poppy. Meadow. Wheat Fields. Grass. Houses. Trees. Leaves. Forest. Nature. Outdoors. Boy and girl. Black and brown hair. Sitting. Friendship. Love. Couple. Looking. Wonder. Lost.
illustration of Hold on to ho[e. Let go of fear. Big Magnolia tree. Pink flowers. Blossoming flowers. Spring. Wind. Water. Blue ocean waves. Lake. Turbulent water. Dark and light. Sitting. Thinking. Gazing. Feeling. Green meadow. Grass. Stars. Alone. Open. Believe. Black long flowing hair. Under the tree branch. Night sky.
illustration of On one hand, water can be peaceful and calming, but on the other hand, too much water and violent waves can flood towns, destroy crops, and cause havoc. The boy in his little boat is trying to stay afloat as the giant waves sway him from side to side in an attempt to topple his boat. The waves are like the powerful emotions rocking him from side to side. His dark side and his lighter side are two forces fighting within him.
illustration of Two boys are setting out on an adventure. One boy is curious while the other boy looks back, pondering if he’s doing the right thing by leaving the safe and familiar world behind him. He’s hesitant, but his curiosity is stronger than his need to feel safe. The girl sits on the tree looking longingly as she sees her friends depart. She is stuck between dreaming of being somewhere else and her fear of letting go of a safe place.
illustration of Entering motherhood. Hope and happiness. Pure love. Holding a baby in her arms. Woman. Black flowing hair. Dancing with her child. Black dog excited. Red birds signing in the blossoming trees. Spring is waking up. Blue sky and trees are simmering. Birth of a new season. Red dress flowing, feet lifting. Jumping and floating. Green grass growing. Hills and valleys. Growth. Alive. Beautiful life. Joy.
illustration of Holding on to hope is difficult when there is barely anything to hold on to, but the fear of letting go is stronger over the steep valley of the unknown.
illustration of Watercolor illustration of a girl sitting under a leaning tree. Nature scene with crashing waves. Boat on a blue ocean, sea, strong wind blowing red leaves. Autumn sky.
illustration of Illustration of a nature scene. Two people sitting under the tree watching the sunset and embracing. Magnolia flowers flying in the sky as the wind blows. Blue and green hills and valleys.
illustration of Rain fall. Two people using banana leaves to shield from the rain. Red roses blooming in a nature scene. Enjoying all shades of spring. Emotions and feelings.


As a child Alex and her family left Poland in order to escape communism. After a challenging journey through various countries, they settled in Rome, Italy where she discovered her passion for art, aesthetic and balanced design, and bold color. While living in Rome, Alex would spend endless hours walking through historic churches and museums admiring frescoes and masterpieces of the renaissance artists. Being immersed in art all around, she was inspired to create art of her own. Her passion for art followed Alex to Canada, where she fell in love with watercolors and discovered collage. While experimenting with different watercolor techniques, colors, and shapes, she begun establishing her individual style while making illustrations for children’s books. Alex also finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. When visiting the U.S. for the first time and going to the Smithsonian museum, she came across a quilt exhibit that inspired her to develop a new technique; combining bold colors, incorporating unique patterns to create texture, and then adding whimsical shapes for an ethereal effect. Different from anything else she has done before, this became her favorite signature style. Alex has illustrated Phoebe’s World, written by Pam Yielding, a book for younger readers. She has also been published in the Toronto Star’s kids section and exhibited her work in Toronto City Hall. Alex also earned her Master’s Degree from Marymount University in Northern Virginia where she lives with her family. The joy and love of her daughters is the inspiration for her most recent artwork.


Collage, Gouache, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Tempera, Watercolor, Whimsical


Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Landscape, Nature, People, Youth