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Patrizia Donaera

illustration of Giant Panda portrait  with bamboo branch.
illustration of Tiger portrait in tropical rain forest with flowers and leaves
illustration of European wolf portrait among autumn foliage
illustration of Koala asleep in the branches of a eucalyptus tree
illustration of Frog with three young frogs sitting on a waterlily leaf in a pond.
illustration of Cheerful farm animals posing for a picture book cover design.

Piglet, Duckling, Mouse, Butterfly, Bird, Donkey, Cow, Rooster, Hen, Goose, Cute, Decorative, Floral, Animals, Wildlife, Environmental
illustration of Mallard Duckling with Duck in the nest among the reeds
illustration of Gerbil in playful attitude
illustration of Colorful maze for gerbils depicting the gerbil at the entrance and some delicacies scattered along the way with the final prize on arrival. Made for the frontsheet of a picture book
illustration of World map illustrated for a children's book with some baby animals representative of some habitats and attractions


Patrizia has 33 years of experience in the field of illustration. Her work is made using traditional techniques, watercolor, inks and colored pencils. Her favorite subject is the animal kingdom; She tries to capture the magic and expressiveness of animals without altering their natural characteristics. Patrizia has achieved a remarkable mastery of natural history and educational publishing, forming a unique and personal style over time. Her illustrations have been internationally recognized, especially her animal and botanical artwork for children's books. SPECIALTIES: Natural History Illustration, Botanical Illustration, Children's Books, YA Books, Nonfiction, Educational Books, Decoupage, Magazines, Greeting Cards "For illustration assignments, please contact her agent Alisa Picerno at"


Collage, Digital, Realism, Watercolor, Floral


Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children's Books, Education, Family, Landscape, Licensing, Maps, Nature, Portrait, Posters, Transportation, Travel, Wildlife, Game, Environmental