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Cornelia Duemling

illustration of Iced coffee; ice cream; old fashioned sundae; retro style; hand lettering; teal; brown; cream; glassware
illustration of Line drawings of common items found in a household farmacy. Disinfectant; supplements; pain killer; band aids; cough syrup; gauze bandage; icons;
illustration of Depiction of a small apricot twig containing leaves, blossoms, whole and opened fruit; orange; teal; light green, lavender; textured background, digital collage; lettering;
illustration of Depiction of white and green asparagus spears, whole and halved, with vintage style handlettering on purple stamped textured background; vegetable; green; white; yellow; purple; painterly style in mid-century appearance
illustration of Conceptual depiction of a road trip with a Fiat 500 and the essential role of coffee on the way; teal; car; stamp; lettering; pattern; coffee beans; to go mug;
illustration of Arrangement of string beans and their blossoms; green; black; pink; textured stamped background
illustration of Icons of ingredients and tools for baking and cooking; line drawing, bi-colored; orange; black; milk carton; spatula; wire whisk; vegetable peeler; bowl; oven mittens; blender; measuring spoons; measuring cups; flour; colander; canned food; knife; knives; cutting board; funnel; grater; slicer; citrus press; potted herbs; oil; vinegar; sieve; kitchen towel; mortar and pestle; apron; tomato paste; salt and pepper; pots;
illustration of Depiction of brambles; blackberries; stamp texture; hand lettering; green; black; red; blackberry leaves; retro style;
illustration of Bunch of radishes in a painterly mid-century inspired style combined with hand-lettering, suited for Valentine‘s day and greeting cards; red, green; black; grey; radishes; vintage; mid-century; hand-lettering; stamp texture;
illustration of Picture of dandelion on a background of pink wood texture in digital collage, illustrating the concept of the tenaciousness of dandelion and inspiring to be as resilient; pink; green; yellow; wood; calligraphy; digital collage; collage; inspirational
illustration of Depiction of a salmon steak on paper accompanied by lemon slices; digital collage and mid-century inspired painterly style; hand-lettering in retro style; calligraphy; recipe book cut outs; salmon; salmon steak; lemon; lemon wedges; blush; yellow; green; black; white; orange
illustration of Lighthearted depiction of wine and sparkling wine being poured in a bowl of strawberry punch; digital collage on stamp textured background; mid-century style; wine bottle; spaekling wine; champagne; punch bowl; strawberries; punch glass; red; pink; salmon; green; black;
illustration of Depiction of citrus salad in vintage cut glass bowls, served with yoghurt and walnuts accompanied by an assortment of forks; grapefruit fillet; kumquat; blood orange; fork; cut glass; crystal glass; walnut; yoghurt; green; blush; salmon; red; pink; turquoise; painterly; stamp texture;
illustration of Lettering of the word strawberry by using the surface texture of strawberries; hand lettering; strawberry; texture; stamp; red; yellow; green; salmon;
illustration of Whimsical depiction of wine bottles and traditional crockery used to serve still  fermenting wine in Germany. Inspired by the lighthearted style of mid century illustrations. Digital collage.


Cornelia Duemling is an illustrator specialized on food, pattern, lettering and portraits. She is inspired by the bright colors and fantastic textures of vegetables and fruit, is inspired by mid-century illustration and style, sees patterns wherever she goes and loves going for walks. She lives in Hamburg/Germany with her husband and teenage boys.


Abstract, Black & White, Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Figurative, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Texture, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical


Humor, Adventure, Botanical, Editorial, Family, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Icons, Leisure, Licensing, Medical, Nature, Packaging, Still Life, Travel, Agriculture, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Urban, Surface Design