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Sabine Voigt

illustration of A funny beer can. With insects drinking in a garbage bin.
illustration of Two persons running on a red ribbon.
illustration of Winning illustration for  SAP. About Berlin.
illustration of A funny picture with many details, about a city.
illustration of A black and white illustration about food and eating.
illustration of A beach scene with many funny details.
illustration of Price winning cartoon about care robots.
illustration of A comic about the benefits of city life and being a community.
illustration of A car design for a financial service company.
illustration of In a galery. Pop art is shown.


Studied art in San Diego, California and Grafic Design in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Conceptual, Cartoon, Fine Art, Line, Design, Caricature, Line with Color


Corporate, Licensing, Food, Product, Lifestyle, Children's Products, Family, Comic Book, Grunge, Music, Landscape, Sports, Packaging, Editorial, Children, Humor, Health, Icons, Children's Books, Medical, Leisure, Character Development, Food/Beverage, People, Education, Holidays, Branding, Action