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Willow Findlay

illustration of The Taybank in a bottle. Building, plants, nature, flowers, hospitality, mountains, scotland.
illustration of Busy, tubes, mountains, monsters, adhd brain, books, purple, green, pink, tower, magic.
illustration of Sushi Roll, relaxing, cosy. fish, computer, avocado, woman, pjamas,
illustration of Tarot, powerful woman, power, night time, moving, character, fantasy, women.
illustration of Mountains, Monster, food, toast, children's Illustration, fun, night time, snack monster.
illustration of A book about the Bold and Brilliant women of Dunkeld and Birnam. Nature, local, childrens book, literature, eagle, bird, wildlife, trees, birds, bird watcher.
illustration of Skater Girl, Koi Carp, Tea cup, Movement, fish, pretty, bridge, children, teenager.
illustration of Owl, Mice, Nature, Cute, eyes, leaves, night time, watching, children's illustration.
illustration of Witch, cat, crow, raven, magic, potions, clumsy, character design, disaster, children's books, crystals, books, character,
illustration of Tarrot, snake, bright, mountains, colourful, mystic, rainbow, clouds, magic, fox, bird.


I am an illustrator based in Scotland. I do a mixture of children's book illustration, character design and editorial.


Abstract, Conceptual, Digital, Stylized, Floral, Whimsical


Action, Adventure, Animals, Architecture, Botanical, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Fantasy, Futuristic, Landscape, Leisure, Mystery, Nature, People, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Feminine, Youth, Environmental