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Ewan White

illustration of Keeping a stable population means being more generous to families or attracting people from other countries. 

The rich world's problems are a steadily lowering young workforce, issues with population growth and  attracting young immigrant workers.
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illustration of Boys are falling behind girls in school in terms of grades for the first time, far more women are going to university than men.
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illustration of what makes a good care home, why aren't there more and how can we make more of them? 

Care homes can't get bad TripAdviser reviews meaning the service they provide can't be scrutinised.

But what distinguishes most adult social care provision around the world is that once you go in you are unlikely to come out again, and so the 'mystery shopper' element of improving it doesn't come into play.
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illustration of Can you regulate before disasters? The long history of human innovation is that we have mostly failed to do so, be it nuclear power, Deepwater Horizon, financial crises, etc. 

However we probably shouldn't be too fatalistic: as almost by definition we will never see what crises regulation *avoids*, only the ones it fails to catch.
illustration of Beijing could let the property behemoth go bankrupt, but that risks shockwaves both at home and abroad.


Ewan White is an illustrator that works on editorial illustrations. Ewan is a weekly contributor to the Financial Times and is a winner of the D&AD portfolio picks competition. Ewan creates illustrations through the combination of digital painting and scanned hand rendered textures, culminating in conceptual outcomes. Born in the UK, Ewan graduated from Falmouth University with a first-class honors degree in BA (Hons) illustration.


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