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Manic Minotaur

illustration of A busy mixed media illustration combining a photograph of a woman wearing sunglasses, sunbathing covered with summer and beach related doodles. Rainbow colors of red, orange, green, blue and pink. Tiny drawings of flowers, sun, hearts, fire, arrows, plants, sun cream, streamers, the sea, a boat.
illustration of A psychedelic mixed media illustration combining brightly colored drawings on top of a photograph of a sunbathing woman enjoying listening to music through pink headphones. Pinks, blues, purples, reds, greens and yellows are the featured colors. Detailed drawings of decorations, streamers and shapes accompany the text
illustration of A busy illustration combining a photograph of a young hippie woman with long hair, wearing sunglasses with arms raised, decorated with detailed doodles and angel-like wings behind. Accompanied by the text
illustration of A photo of an African woman wearing a blue turban and decorated dress, resting her eyes combined with surreal drawings. Orange, red, blue, black, white, pink. Sunshine, fire, heart.
illustration of Mixed media illustration combining a photograph of a model and digital drawings. Pink, black, red, blue, white. Featured in the book Hello Rainbow: Finding Happiness In Colour by Momtaz Begum-Hossain.
illustration of Gig poster designed for Spin Sum Presents, September 2022. A night of electronic music featuring Monkey Safari, Willer and Nataliejane. A psychedelic illustration depicting a woman in sunglasses, inspired by the decor used by the night organizers of Indian umbrellas and lanterns. House music, techno music, dance music and an Asian vibe. Detailed, colorful drawing with hearts, rainbows, cocktail drinks.
illustration of Album cover for
illustration of A colorful psychedelic drawing of John Lennon with lots of details. Harking back to the days of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Yellow Submarine. A very trippy image with a hippie feel featuring roses, strawberries, hearts, flowers, rainbows.
illustration of Artwork created for We Love Pop Love Songs - Volume 31. A compilation of love songs from various decades, compiled by Michael Erdos. A 1960s psychedelic theme featuring a drawing of a young hippie woman wearing sunglasses, surrounded by hand drawn decorations, Rainbow colors, primary colors - red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white.
illustration of One of the illustrations I created for the Microsoft Xbox Design Lab


Manic Minotaur is a digital artist inspired by music, the 1960s, travel and retro gaming. Manic Minotaur is the creation of University of Brighton Illustration graduate Scott Nellis... a lone crusader on a quest to make your eyes happy.


Graphic, Film/Entertainment, Photoillustration, Digital, Whimsical, Mixed Media, Abstract, Stylized, Figurative, Line with Color


Adventure, Technology, Lifestyle, Music, Spiritual, Celebrities, Travel, Edgy, Fantasy, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Portrait, Toys & Games, Leisure, People, Holidays, Urban, Fashion/Cosmetics, Branding, Sci-Fi, Posters, Game, Action