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Cé Marina

illustration of Live painting series of the 8 missions of Barcelona's 'Compromís Metropolità 2030'

A project made with PEMB and Ajuntament of Barcelona.

Keywords: live painting illustration, illustration, digital illustration, conceptual illustration, colorful illustration, reduce palette illustration, character illustration, lifestyle illustration

Case study here:
illustration of Live painting of visual landscape for the presentation of the Compromís Metropolità 2030
illustration of Invitation design and illustration for the board game Soko Unvergessen Nº2. 

The idea was to implement this invitation that unfolds the doors of the Palace of Hofburg in Vienna to reveal the path of the story.
On the inside the idea was to create a continuity that came from the opening of the doors of the Palace and give the sensation to enter to the main hall.   
It uses a combination of lines with plain colors to highlight the figures.
illustration of Illustration and design of a premium member card.

The visuals use a sophisticated-vintage vibe. It had to show like you are a member of an elegant and premium place. 

As the main character, we see a man wearing a lorgnette. This type of glasses was used for occasional reading, so that goes
along with the concept of the card where is a hidden message on the back: when you use the red paper, you will “occasionally” see the secret 


🖍 Latinx Illustrator & Designer 📚 Top Teacher at Skillshare 🎨 Color freak 📍 Working worldwide from BCN


Acrylic, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Figurative, Line with Color, Installations


Education, Historical, Mystery, Product, Travel, Vintage / Retro, Game, Urban