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Curtis Sayers

illustration of Ring scanner used in warehouse order fulfillment applications
illustration of Cover design for Applied Materials & Interfaces illustrating a new design principle for developing high-capacity aqueous electrode materials
illustration of Energy efficiency measures revealed in an industrial warehouse
illustration of Hose and grip coupling for product packaging
illustration of Experimental jet engine technology employed to prevent atmospheric inversions
illustration of Factory cutaway revealing HVAC systems capabilities
illustration of Cancer cells attaching to an innovative chip comprised of carbon nanotubes. Created for the journal, Lab on a Chip.
illustration of Shallow Water Free Ocean CO2 Enrichment (FOCE) experimental chamber, intended for studying marine communities and ocean acidification research
illustration of Cutaway of a modern loft residence, showcasing Ergomotion’s Quest Connect bed and its IFTTT smart home integration.
illustration of Power and communications buoy, for scientific ocean acidification research proposal.
illustration of Dry waste retrieval concept of operations diagram
illustration of Featured cover image for Advanced Materials illustrating nanocrystalline alloys
illustration of Industrial warehouse features for real-estate development
illustration of Cutaway illustrations depicting aluminum, rubber, and lead. Created for Discovery Channel’s “How Stuff Works” DVD cover
illustration of Ocean Buoy rendering based on the movie The Shallows, created for Discovery Channel.
illustration of Coolite™ LED featured in the NUVIS arthroscope
illustration of Membrane module process that produces hydrogen from syngas.
illustration of Autonomous lunar construction concept for NASA NIAC proposal
illustration of Flex and Cradle product advantages
illustration of Energy efficiency measures revealed in a hotel setting


Conceptual, Photoillustration, Technical, 3-D Rendering, CGI, Vector


Action, Adventure, Architecture, Industrial, Information Graphics, Medical, Product, Science, Scientific, Technology, Environmental