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illustration of branding, beverage, food, drink, indigenous, colorful, packaging
illustration of color, abstract, woman, shapes, pattern, happy, fun
illustration of Women, Abstract, Line, Fun, Dancing,
illustration of Bird, Nature, Color, Shapes, Bright,


Minerva Gonzalez is an illustrator based in the Mexican Caribe, where she has developed a strong connection to nature. She experiments with rounded shapes, vibrant colours, textures, and cultural influences. Minerva has produced illustrations for books and magazines, as well as product packaging, textile designs, and murals for global clients including Adidas Originals, American greetings, Disney, Hallmark, Stella Artois, Natura and UN Wome


Abstract, Caricature, Design, Decorative, Concept Art


Action, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Corporate, Editorial, Icons, Nature, Packaging, People, Product, Feminine, Branding