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Natali de Mello

illustration of A mini encyclopedia on prehistoric animals that I wrote and illustrated, with the collaboration of the Royal Tyrrell Museum of paleontology, published by Bal√£o Editorial.
illustration of One of the illustrations of an educational zine I have written and illustrated, about the biomes of Quebec. The zine is linked to a website link where the reader has access to more information.
illustration of Illustrations about the Eastern Townships region in Canada.
illustration of A map of my favorite woods in the city I live, Sherbrooke, later bought by the City Hall of Sherbrooke.
illustration of Illustration that participated in an illustration contest in 2022.
illustration of One of the illustrations about folklore legends in Brazil.
animation of When we leave the place where we were born and raised, we can encounter adversities that go beyond what our well-being can withstand. Inspired by my own experience as an immigrant and based on in-depth academic research, the animation
animation of Illustrations for an animation about the Canadian region Eastern Townships.
animation of A silly animation about the Common Starling, an invasive species in Quebec.
animation of The egalitarian culture of women / men in a Quebec context. A project of the Federation of Cultural Communities of Estrie.


Illustrator, fine artist and graphic designer with Brazilian roots, based in Quebec. My main interest lies in our relationship with the natural world, translating it through storytelling or didactic content using a mix of analog and digital media, as well as 2D animation. I spare my time between working with my clients, hiking in nature, traveling or eating a nice slice of pizza.


Animation, Design, Digital, Mixed Media


Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Family, Fantasy, Landscape, Maps, Nature, People, Political, Science, Travel, Wildlife, Youth, Ethnic, Environmental