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Steve Dininno

Represented by

David Goldman Agency
Maplewood, NJ
United States

illustration of Illustration of the hypnotic effects of talk radio.
illustration of Illustration of the contrast between Hillary Clinton's embrace of Wall Street and the 1% and her populist stance as she runs for POTUS.
illustration of An illustration about the cramped and crowded airline experience.
illustration of Illustration of Taylor Swift taking her cut of royalties from Apple
illustration of Illustration of multiculturalism and diversity in the USA.


A professional illustrator for over 30 years, Steve Dininno is well-known for creating beautiful digital imagery that exhibit stunningly luminous colors and a conceptual ability that is among the finest in his field.


Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Photoillustration, Film/Entertainment


Book Covers, Celebrities, Editorial, Education, Music, People, Political, Transportation, Travel, Web Illustration, Lifestyle, Vintage / Retro, Ethnic, Edgy, Financial