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Travis Foster

illustration of Conceptual collage illustration of man in car stopping and patiently waiting at red stop light. car, stop, stop light, traffic, auto, automobile, travel,
illustration of Worker painting a safety cone, conceptual collage illustration depicting revitalization of safety. traffic, cone, safety cone, traffic cone, paint, painter, work, worker, ladder, orange,
illustration of A man with a toothbrush examining his empty toothpaste tube, is a conceptual editorial illustration that represents sustainability. health, toothbrush, toothpaste, collage,
illustration of A group of penguins with winter attire, and clothing, hidden fish in the scene, and one imposter cow. penguin, cow, cartoon, winter, scarf, cold,
illustration of An elephant in a plaid suit walking to work with his sack lunch. elephant, lunch, bag, brown, plaid, animal, cartoon, happy, smile
illustration of A crowd of cartoon cats with one hidden dog among the cats. cat, dog, animals, cartoon, pet, crowd, group, puzzle
illustration of A cartoon bug holding an icecream cone. bug, insect, roach, dessert, ice cream, icecream, pink, cartoon,
illustration of A cartoon illustration of a rabbit taking a selfie photo with a rabbit with a phone. rabbit, bunny, animal, animals, selfie, carrot, vegetable, humor
illustration of Pig in bath and shower cleaning off mud. bath, pig, shower, clean, soap, shampoo, farm,
illustration of A college student returns home to find that his house is smaller. conceptual, editorial, house, home, college, student, tiny, small,


Travis Foster creates original art and illustration for advertising, marketing, publishing, corporate and editorial clients. Travis lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Select Client List: Amazon, Chronicle Books, Target, Sony, Dell, Sprint, Disney, Rodale Press, Houghton Mifflin, Forbes, Simon & Schuster, Saatchi & Saatchi, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Internet Week, AARP Financial, Aetna, Kidfresh, Reader's Digest, Scholastic, Harcourt Publishers, Washington Post, The Hartford Courant, US News and World Report, Highlights Magazine, Penguin Random House Specialties: Editorial Illustration, Marketing Illustration, Publishing, Character development, Branding, GIF creation, Cartoon, Cartooning and humorous illustration. Travis Foster studio was established in 1989.


Cartoon, Collage, Conceptual, Digital, Line, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Whimsical, Concept Art, e-Learning


Humor, Animals, Annual Report, Character Development, Children's Books, Children's Products, Editorial, Education, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Medical, People, Posters, Toys & Games, Transportation, Travel, Branding