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Ella Tjader

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Illustration (USA) Inc.
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New York, NY 10011
United States


Hello, my name is Ella Tjader and I live in Scotland. Illustration for me is one of the ways in which I can create beautiful things. My passion lies in drawing beautiful women and fashion, nature and flowers but I am very happy to take up any challenge and try my hands at something new. Overall I have a weakness for vivid colours and flowing lines. As a general rule, my illustrations are born in my mind. I will then either draw in Illustrator or sketch on paper. Afterwards I will finish images in Photoshop. Recently my work appeared in Taschen Illustration Now!, Illusive Contemporary Illustration, Big Book of Fashion Illustration and in The Age of Feminine Drawing. Clients * Random House Group (UK) * Ogilvy Healthworld Advertising(UK) * Penguin books(UK) * JEM sportswear(USA) * NYLON(Japan) * La Perla(Italy) * New Look(UK) * Die Gestalten Verlag dgv (Germ.)