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Peter Thom

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Completed a two year Foundation Course as Hastings College of Art subsequently undertook a three year degree course at Brighton Upon graduation he commenced work on paperback covers and work for the BBC’s educational division. He moved into the areas of animation, design and advertising art. He has worked in print, packaging, press ads, direct mail, murals, magazines, posters, window displays, P.O.S. material and in-store graphics for several leading retailers. Peter’s work continues to develop in a variety of media and he is currently working on a number of Flash animation based projects whilst concurrently producing a Manga’esque graphic novel. Clients * British Airways, Sony, C.B. Richard Ellis, Playboy, The Sunday Times, Frank Skinner, Jean Paul Gaultier, Bosch, B.P., The Guardian, NatWest Bank, Men’s Health, L.A. Confidential, Warner Bros., Raleigh Bikes, Vodafone, Tesco, Safeway, IPC, Property Week, Tesco