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Paul Holland

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Illustration (USA) Inc.
70A Greenwich Ave #278
New York, NY 10011
United States


Striking traditional mark making techniques are Paris based illustrator Paul Holland's forte. Whilst being executed with a blend of both wit and sensitivity, these are often enriched digitally, introducing fanciful dimensions and elements of realism. A fascination with popular culture and the juxtaposition of stark motifs alongside the familiar inspire this unique perspective. Holland’s work craves visual engagement through such intricately rendered and obsessive detail resulting in the WOW factor! Influences lie within the worlds of ‘le freak et le chic’, fashion, music and celebrity. Retaining an eye on trends past, present and future, his vivid style lends itself very well to a variety of commissions. Clients * The Times * Marie-Claire * GQ * FHM * Attitude * TETU * Computer Arts * L'Oreal