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castle, France, lavender, sky, historic, ancient, mixed media, watercolor, pen & ink

© Dan Williams

California Bridge

bridge, landscape, water, road, sky, watercolor, pen & ink, mixed media

© Dan Williams


ski, skiing, people, skiers, mountain, snow, chalet, evergreens, trees, water color, mixed media, painterly, pen & ink

© Dan Williams

Chili Cactus

cactus, Chili, desert, mountains, water color, mixed media, pen & ink, sky, travel, vacation, art,

© Dan Williams


picnic, landscape, farm, field, castle, dirt, road, path, water color, mixed media, pen & ink, people, man, men, woman

© Dan Williams

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Dan Williams

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I am a graduate of the Royal College of Art, and I'm currently living in London renovating a large old Victorian house and building a magnificent studio. My time is divided between illustration, painting on location and lecturing. For me, all three disciplines feed each other, keeping me on my toes and keen to explore new uses for my work. Travel is a very important ingredient in all of this and a strong element within much of my work. The last few years I have been traveling in South Eastern Asia, Northern Africa and Europe. I love the insight, excitement and energy of geography and people.


Mixed Media, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Watercolor


Editorial, Landscape, Leisure, Nature, People, Travel, Americana, Agriculture, Environmental