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portrait, flowers, flower, emotional, apocalyptic, woman, sad, sadness, melancholy, melancholic, jungle, outdoors, woman, warrior, wild, soldier, camouflage, tattoo, bald

Keywords: Acrylic, Figurative, Oil, Floral, Botanical, Nature, People, Portrait, Sci-Fi

© Steven Tabbutt


cliff, gray, grey, mountain, boy, narrative, winter, cold, rock, adventure, action, pilot

Keywords: Acrylic, Oil, Realism, People, Portrait, Sci-Fi

© Steven Tabbutt

James Mcavoy

portrait, portraiture, celebrity, fame, famous, pool, actor, backyard, home, hollywood, mansion, film

Keywords: Acrylic, Figurative, Realism, Whimsical, Celebrities, People, Posters

© Steven Tabbutt


woman, portrait, apocalyptic, realistic, face, metal, sadness, bee, bees, wasp, purple, flowers, leaves, crying, cry, sad, sadness, texture, destruction, elegant

Keywords: Acrylic, Oil, Painterly, Floral, Whimsical, Editorial, Fantasy, Nature, People, Portrait

© Steven Tabbutt


robot, cyborg, artificial intelligence, A-I, guts, snow, winter, sci-fi, science fiction, fantasy, machine, tech, technology, brain, identity, inside, organs, anatomy

Keywords: Acrylic, Figurative, Oil, Realism, Editorial, Fantasy, Futuristic, Sci-Fi

© Steven Tabbutt

Notes on a Swimmer

Super Hero, superhero. cape, action, monster, fight, creature, contamination, toxic, snow, landscape, camera, film, movie, books, book, attack, cold, snow, winter.

Keywords: Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Stylized, Action, Adventure, Editorial, Fantasy, Mystery

© Steven Tabbutt


robot, robotic, artificial intelligence, AI, apocalyptic, sci-fi, science fiction, cyborg, biology, technology, machine, seasonal, futuristic, future, singularity, cold, winter, snow

Keywords: Acrylic, Figurative, Oil, Realism, Science, Sci-Fi, Technology

© Steven Tabbutt


war, military, destruction, war, captain, leader, shield, soldier, soldiers, surreal, surrealistic, chief, fight, dispute, conflict, division, weapon, weapons

Keywords: Acrylic, Figurative, Mixed Media, Oil, Pen & Ink, Editorial, Fantasy, People

© Steven Tabbutt

Rabid Rabbit

anthropomorphic, rabbit, cat, fantasy, animals, red dress

Keywords: Acrylic, Fine Art, Oil, Realism, Animals, Editorial, Fantasy

© Steven Tabbutt

Cat Bunny

winter, snow, identity, clever, cat, bunny, rabbit, costume, disguise, personality, psychology, fantasy, mask, halloween

Keywords: Acrylic, Conceptual, Realism, Animals, Editorial, Fantasy

© Steven Tabbutt

Directory of Illustration Cover

woods, river, water, lake, nature, queen, deer horns, birds, fantasy, supernatural, environment, environmental, ink, detailed, pattern

Keywords: Line with Color, Mixed Media, Pen & Ink, Whimsical, Nature, People, Portrait

© Steven Tabbutt


insects, insect, portrait, man, flowers, petal, petals, textured, pattern, detailed

Keywords: Acrylic, Fine Art, Oil, Painterly, Whimsical, Nature, People, Portrait, Romance

© Steven Tabbutt


profile, head, woman, human, person, identity, psychology, personality, introvert, emotions, depression, self-analysis, portrait, perceptive, analytical, conceptual, dilemma, conflict

Keywords: Acrylic, Conceptual, Figurative, Oil, Editorial, People, Portrait, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth

© Steven Tabbutt

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Steven Tabbutt

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Having spent most of his childhood in North and South Carolina on military bases, Steven Tabbutt remained down South at Savannah College of Art and Design for his BFA before heading up North to SVA for his Masters in 2006. Right from the outset, Steven amassed an amazing number of awards. While his illustration career is receiving accolades, Steven is also building a strong following in the gallery world. His exhibitions have been hung in New York and London, and regularly, with the Yukiko Kawase Gallery, in Paris. In addition, Steven has lectured at the first Annual 3X3 Nuts & Bolts Conference and art schools including SVA, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and SCAD. He currently teaches illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Acrylic, Conceptual, Figurative, Fine Art, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stylized, Floral, Whimsical


Action, Adventure, Animals, Botanical, Celebrities, Editorial, Fantasy, Futuristic, Mystery, Nature, People, Portrait, Posters, Romance, Science, Sci-Fi, Technology, Feminine, Spiritual, Youth