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"Meet Naomi Watanabe: Japan's Boundary Breaking Funny Girl"

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Portrait of Naomi Watanabe for Paper Magazine's "It's Nice To Laugh" section.

Rick Tulka

Rick Tulka

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Rick Tulka and wife, Brenda, are long time ex-pats living in Paris. For over 35 years, Rick’s caricatures and humorous illustrations have appeared in American and European newspapers, magazines and books. Tulka is a long time regular contributor to America’s number one humor magazine, “MAD” and he is proud to be part of the usual gang of idiots. He co-authored and illustrated a book with the writer, Noël Riley Fitch, Paris Café: The Sélect Crowd, about the famous Parisian café, Le Sélect, where he has been an habitué for twenty years. In 2007 he was featured on CBS Sunday Morning in a piece about his beloved café. In 1998, he was the exclusive courtroom artist at the Augusta-Dassault trial for Belgium’s “Le Soir.” With Michael Jackson, he illustrated, “Moonwalker – The Coloring Book” for children and the book “Today I Am A Ma’am,” with the actress Valerie Harper.


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Stylized, Watercolor, Film/Entertainment


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