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Ohioana Book Festival

March of the Animals Coloring Page

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A coloring page to celebrate literacy, used in conjunction with children's activities at the Ohioana Book Festival

Jan Benham

Chicken Little

Chicken Little, fairy tale, gullibility, overreacting, seeing opportunity, taking advantage of others, fox, rooster, duck, goose, turkey, drama queen, bird

© Jan Benham

Three Blind Mice

Three Blind Mice, mouse, crone, knife, floor boards, wallpaper, nursery rhyme, cartoon, cute, mice, running, sun glasses, scary, threatening, humorous, shadows

© Jan Benham

Reading with Friends

cute, lovable, friendly, reading, interested, smiling, happy, lamb, pig, kangaroo, elephant, deer, mice, mouse, bird, birds, giraffe, cow, cat, puppy, dog, bear, teddy bear, read aloud, coloring book, sitting, easy chair, Ohio

© Jan Benham

March of the Animals

cartoon, black and white line, coloring book, parade, marching, marching band, bass drum, trumpet, tuba, sousaphone, sax saxophone, clarinet, lively, happy, smiling, friendly, flag, book lovers, giraffe, hippo, cow, cat, striped cat, elephant, mouse, banner, music, cute

© Jan Benham

Dancing Cheshire Cat

cat, Chessie cat, Cheshire cat, dancing, happy, smiling, joyous, striped, cartoon, animal, fun, colorful, whimsical,

© Jan Benham

Boy and Dog

boy, age 8, dog, ball, running, smiling, ball cap, glasses, blonde, happy, waving

© Jan Benham

Boy in wheelchair hugging dog

Boy, overweight, disabled, age 10, happy, smiling, loving, dog, lovable, cute, colorful, wheelchair

© Jan Benham

Girl Gardener Running with her Dog

girl, age 9-10, dog, running, happy, gardening, watering can, trowel, bright, smiling, colorful, loving, joyful, outdoors, nature, red hair, caucasian, summertime

© Jan Benham

Girl Jumping Rope

girl, age 6-8, jumping rope, jump rope, African American, pigtails, hair bows, happy, smiling, bright colors, joyful

© Jan Benham

Boy playing with tablet computer

Boy, age 4-6, tablet computer, redhead, caucasian, preschool, bright colors, interested, sitting on floor, happy, smile, education, learning, intelligent, striped shirt, cartoon

© Highlights

Banjo Bear

bear, cartoon, happy, smiling, colorful, banjo, musical, sitting, strumming, singing

©Highlights for Childr

Holiday Bears

bears, christmas, gifts, sledding, happy, smiling, cute, colorful, active


Bear with Balloon

bear, cartoon, happy, smiling, red balloon, floating, blue sky, colorful, fun, whimsical

© Highlights

Grandma Bear and Cubs

grandma, grandkids, reading, snuggled, happy, smiling, engaged, bright, colorful, baby, preschool, pre-teen, ball cap, braces, sitting, kneeling, bears

© Highlights

Bear Reading Magazine

bear, age 10-11, boy, reading, braces, laughing, happy, engaged, sitting, relaxed, ball cap, magazine, cartoon, colorful, chair


Cat on Scooter

cat, cartoon, Cheshire cat, Chessie cat, striped, happy, smiling, grinning, colorful, riding scooter,


Dog Running

dog, running, cartoon, large eyes, happy, smiling, colorful

© Highlights

Spotted Cow with Necklace

cow, smiling, waving, standing upright, spotted, whimsical, earrings, bracelets, bling, necklace, purple

© Jan Benham

Washing Dishes

cow, calf, cartoon, kitchen, tile floor, blowing bubbles, stool, puppy, happy, smiling, aunt, grandmother, niece, granddaughter, raindrops, sink, suds, colorful

© Jan Benham

Ice Cream Stand

mother, daughter, aunt, niece, child, sunny day, park, ice cream stand, ice cream cones, walking in the park, pond, sail boat, sad person, ice cream vendor, cow, calf, sheep, cat dog, squirrel, smiling happy, colorful, trees

© Jan Benham

Back to School

School supplies walking to school, pencil, brush, glue, happy, smiling talking, carrying backpacks, cartoon, bright, children

© Jan Benham

Mole with Glasses and Red Balloon

cute, lovable, cartoon, mole, glasses, red balloon, toadstool, colorful, friendly, smiling happy

© Highlights

Bird on Swing

blue bird, bluejay, cartoon, ball cap, big eyes, smiling, happy, swing, 3-d, bird

© Jan Benham

Chocolate Bear Valentine

chocolate bear, bear, valentine, cartoon, chocolate, sweet, love, colorful, flowers, happy, loving, smiling, whimsical, balloons, heart balloons, hearts, tasty, edible

© Jan Benham

Happy Curmudgeon

older man, smiling waving, resort wear, sunglasses, toothless smile, curmudgeon

© Jan Benham

Animated Fruit

happy, smiling, cute, apple, pear, lemon, animated, package design, typography, colorful

© Jan Benham

Party Dog

bulldog, dog, pool, floating, cocktail, inner tube, sunshine, wine label, typography, smiling, relaxed

© Jan Benham

Skating Snowman

snowman, skating, smiling, happy, joyful, proud, holidays, winter, Christmas, fun-loving, scarf, hat,

© Jan Benham

Flying Dog

dog, dachshund, airplane, aviator, starry night, winter scene, Christmas, holidays, flying, happy, smiling

© Jan Benham

Hannukah Deer

Christmas, Hannukah, gay, reindeer, Rudolph, snow, starry night, smiling, happy, red nose, winter, holiday, mennorah

© Jan Benham

Snowy Christmas Scene

Christmas, winter, winter scene, village, toy train, snow, snowy sky, ice skating, children, decorations, smoking chimney

© Jan Benham

Snowmen Riding Toboggan

toboggan, snowman, snowwoman, dog, snowy, sled, Christmas, hilly, starry night, night scene, red hat, top hat, red scarf, green scarf, smiling, waving, happy, colorful

© Jan Benham

Christmas Chaos

dog, running, spilled water, smoking fire, chaos, oy joy, laughing, birds, fire fireplace, christmas tree, christmas lights, christmas, presents, holiday

© Jan Benham

When Pigs Fly

flying pig, pink, aviator jacket, goggles, cowgirl, starry night, rainbow, smiles, moon, smiling man in the moon, when pigs fly

© Jan Benham

Kangaroo Tennis

cartoon, kangaroo, baby, tennis, pink, smiling, jumping, ball, smiling, mother and child, active, happy, whimsical, colorful,

© Jan Benham

Rhino on Treadmill

Rhino, exercising, treadmill, cartoon, effort, trying hard, overweight, running, puffing, colorful, whimsical, funny, healthy, workout, working out, sweating, bright

© Jan Benham


bird singing, diva, opera, drama queen, bright, cheerful, springtime, music, yellow bird, cartoon, humorous, character, feminine, bird

© Jan Benham

Streaking Blue Jay

happy, naked as a jaybird, running, joyful, springtime, streaking, smiling flowers, cute bird, Blue Jay

© Jan Benham

Garden Party

flowers, smiling, drinking wine, worms, laughing, drinking martinis, happy, colorful, celebration, summer

© Jan Benham

Mating Rituals

Rhino, bubble bath, bathroom, bathing, reading, ipad, tiles, bathtub, black dress, red shoes, red lips, reading glasses, middle age, dating

© Jan Benham

Worm with Umbrella

Worm, umbrella, raindrops, stripes, happy, smiling, large eyes, springtime,

© Highlights

Happy Frog

frog, smiling, walking, waving, talking, green, spotted, whimsical

© Jan Benham

Swinging on a Star

swinging on a star, starry night, dog, smiling, man in the moon, happy, joyful

© Jan Benham

Turtle on Skates

turtle, whimsical, skating, pink, smiling, happy, racing, roller skates

© Jan Benham

The Cows Come Home

When the cows come home, cows, rooster, man in the moon, partying, party, starry night, dawn, pre-dawn, country road, sports car, convertible, happy

© Jan Benham

Ballet Elephant

elephant ballet dancer, smiling, happy, gold shoes, pink tutu

© Jan Benham

Smiling Alligator

alligator, smiling, braces, waving flag,

© Jan Benham

Calendar Art

bird wearing boots, balloon heart on a string, kite, umbrella, sunflower, hot air balloon, crab, popsicle, squirrel, autumn leaf, turkey snowman, flat, colorful, cute, calendar, seasons, months, winter, spring, summer, fall

© Highlights

Young Business Woman

20's, red hair, fashion, female, blue eyes, business, happy, running, business suit, long hair

© Jan Benham

Ladybug, Ant, Spider, Violin, Bear

ladybug, ant, spider, violin, bear, dandelions, spiderweb, magnifying glass, stream

Happy icons

gumball, gumball machine, moon, sun, frog, jack in the box, paintbrush, smiles, smiling, happy

© Highlights


smiling faces, smiley faces, laughing, toothy grin, happy face, happy

© Highlights

Dog, Frog, Bunny, Cow and Gator Stamps

dog, frog, bunny, rabbit, hopping, cow, alligator, gator, barking, tail wagging, skateboard, teeth, smiles, happy

© Highlights

Dog, Cat and Mouse Puppets

dog, dog bone, cat, waving, mouse, big ears, cheese, smiles, happy

© Highlights

Dog, Bee, Elephant, Sunflower and Others

apple, sunglasses, beach ball, tiger, bee bird walking, moon dog, running, elephant, swing, fish, jumping, hand, waving, octopus, pencil, sun, rainbow, flower, smiling, smiles

© Highlights

Bear, elephant, cat and dog

bear, elephant, cat, dog, thumbs up, swing, swinging, wagon, riding, joyful, smiling, happy, badges

© Highlights

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Jan Benham is an illustrator/designer who enjoys creating happy, whimsical images. She received her BFA from Miami University and worked for a TV station, an ad agency and a design studio before becoming a full-time freelancer. Clients include: Highlights for Children, Ohio Health, McGraw-Hill Publishing, Abbott Laboratories, Nationwide Insurance, OCLC, USI Affinity, The Ohio State University, Battelle Memorial Institute, Cordage Paper, Central Ohio Breathing Association, The Columbus Symphony Orchestra, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Presbyterian Homes, Columbus Monthly Magazine and United Way.


Airbrush, Animation, Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Design, Digital, Figurative, Graphic, Lettering, Line, 3-D Rendering, Type Design, Whimsical, Vector


Humor, Animals, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Computers, Editorial, Education, Family, Fashion/Cosmetics, Food, Greeting Cards, Health, Holidays, Icons, Leisure, Nature, Packaging, People, Sports, Toys & Games, Travel, Food/Beverage, Lifestyle, Feminine, Masculine, Youth, Ethnic