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Liam O'Farrell

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IllustrationX (USA)
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New York, NY 10011
United States

illustration of Architecture
illustration of Architecture, Holidays, Travel
illustration of Architecture, Holidays
illustration of Architecture
illustration of Architecture, People, Travel
illustration of Architecture
illustration of Pen & Ink, Watercolor
illustration of Food, Food/Beverage
illustration of People
illustration of Food, Food/Beverage


Welcome to Liam O’Farrell's page. He has been illustrating since 1987 and adores what he does. Architecture and day to day life is his thing and he takes a sketch book everywhere! He has illustrated many magazines, book covers and annual reports as well. He uses pencil, watercolour and ink to produce his illustrations, and though it’s good to work in front of the subject he can work from photographs, sketches and even Google Street View has been used to bring an illustration together. There will also be no problem working on scenes that don’t exist at all. “Conceptually I am simply interested in what is memorable about a subject as this will be the key to what communicates the best. I do what is needed and nothing more.” Client List The Times Liberty’s of London Perspectives in Architecture BBC Books Macmillan The Big issue One Housing Group


Pen & Ink, Watercolor


Architecture, Food, Holidays, People, Travel, Food/Beverage