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Alan Pollack

illustration of In an apocalyptic future world  a monkey finds joy and friendship in a movie theater popcorn skeletons peanuts cinema fez teeth red seats gorilla ape chimpanzee jungle animation Pixar Disney film retro cymbals stripes sitting entertainment trailers motion pictures conceptual character design bones scary dark humor whimsical animals primates apes hands,eating snacks candy pretzels chips concessions date night tween young adult Simon and Schuster holiday beverage food product stamps labels
illustration of Halloween, jacko-lantern,  pumpkin, moonlight,  scary, creepy, horror, moon, Sleepy Hollow, patch, scythe, nightmares, terror, mortuary, cemetery, zombies, undead, monsters, creatures
illustration of Stephen King as his infamous character Pennywise from the movie It. Stephen King, horror, dark, scary, movie, theater, blockbuster, clown, face paint, author, icon, writer, caricature, novel, famous, carnival, circus, satire, film, Hollywood, awards, Oscars, entertainment, Derry, alien, universe, shapeshifter,
illustration of Michael Jackson. icon, celebrity, music, pop, hero, Neverland, kids, children, entertainment, African-American, Jackson 5, thriller, platinum, gold, records, audio, stereo, Spotify, Pandora, Apple, Itunes, billboard, charts, awards, famous, character, caricature, satire
illustration of Part woman part machine Steampunk universe  gears clockwork female tentacles steam pipes goggles cages guns blasters retro Victorian nautical octopus squid heart broken cage brazier weaponry strength power leather copper brass time piece stop watch realism steam pipes girl bodice sci-fi science fiction music album cd film conceptual character design fantasy product packaging ocean travel industrial beer labels stamps calendar stop watch hair liberation metal bodice clothing brazier corset
illustration of A Steampunk homage to Bugs Bunny's version of the Tortoise and the Hare. bicycles, racing, top hats, goggles, Victorian, era, pugs, turtles, clocks, time, pieces, nautical, mechanical, gaslight, lantern, sunset, cobblestone, vintage, squid, octopus, tentacles, mustache, gears, competition, cycling, winning, pocket, watch, dogs.
illustration of Artistic, stylish elephant snacking on nuts while waiting for the bus. animals, peanuts, art, brushes, teeth, scarf, poor, poverty, starving, artist, tusks, overcoat, character, animation, cartoon, politics, Africa, travel, outdoor, nature, mammals, street, urban, graffiti, city, education, children, ears, snacks
illustration of The demonic imp emerges from it's lair. demon, imp, occult, scary, horror, Halloween, nightmares, creepy, death, devil, religion, fantasy, make-believe, Salem, deadly, witches, ritual, macabre, spooky, teeth, frightening, morbid, pen and ink, sketch, drawing, children, chapter, creature, monster
illustration of African-American, female,  civil, war, nano-technology, robotics, cables, crown, helmets, muscular, strength, power, leader, one-eyed, king, queen, charge, triumph, race, black, woman, reach, freedom, peace, dove, breaking, chains, technology, futuristic, science, fiction, mechanisms, tan, skin, red, robe, confident, positive, leader, role model, stars, stripes, historical, machinery, flag, fitness, toned, armor.
illustration of After dying centuries ago, the agent John Bland's recorded personality is reactivated to save worlds from impending doom. science-fiction, astronaut, planets, spacesuit, environment, outer space, stars, universe, galaxies, galaxy, dimensions, worlds, cultures, alien, life forms, biology, physics, nebula, races, exotic, fantasy, adventure, travel, time travel, metallic, futuristic, protection, guardian, safety, defense, landscape, flora, fauna, mankind, civilization
illustration of Creepy, dark, humor, British, sword, top hat, flowers, Victorian, romance, quirky, macabre, horror, grinning, scary, weaponry,
illustration of young, girl, dreaming, flight, cat, blonde, space, station, nebula, universe, red, jump, suit, blonde, young, youth, teen, imagination, creation, simulation, pilot, training, captain, commander, experience, confidence, strength, adventure, stars, galaxies, planets.
illustration of clown, undead, zombie, carnival, circus, balloons, creepy, fair, popcorn, peanuts, cracker jacks, scary, horror, nightmares, face paint, makeup, movies, haunted
illustration of  Mr. Sandman creeps into a child's room. moonlight, Halloween, creepy, spooky, horror, fairy tale, folklore, boy, moon, night, nightmare, scary, chilling, storybook, Grimm
illustration of Silly rabbit happy as can be. rabbit, bunny, hare, bubbles, smile, smiley face, emojis, ecstasy, fur, pen and ink, animals, rodents, creatures, vermin, cheerful, fun, drug, medication, medical, veterinarian, pets, pesticides, agricultural, control, pests, multiply, playful, active, reproduction, plague, infestation
illustration of 3 shysters up to no good. Awaiting their next mark. meerkat, animals, vermin, trouble, thief, steal, swindle, economy, Victorian, trench coat, top hat, cartoon, pickpocket, rodents, whiskers, feather, waiting, bus stop, travel, looking, characters
illustration of The evil Jester snickers as he contemplates his next trick. jolly, king, court, majesty, majestic, joker, jovial, evil, mischievous, fantasy, creepy, ogre, horns, crown, harlequin, masquerade, costume, entertainment, fun, happy, laugh, music, revelry,
illustration of Olaf is happy and ready for work on this Monday. cyclops, business, hat, creature, ogre, teeth, ugly, silly, fantasy, whimsical, playful, monster, eye, optical, vision, smile, upbeat, grotesque, hideous, dungeons, dragons, wizards, gaming, play, funny
illustration of A demonic clown. circus, fair, demon, evil, face paint, carnival, fear, fright, entertainment, horror, scary, zombies, undead, dead, vampires, makeup, blood, grin, terror, monster, creature, entity, devil, religion, perform, deadly, black, harlequin, jester, theater
illustration of Demons, war, zombies, creepy, horror, night, nightmares, scary, creepy, spooky, terror, shadows, possession, gas masks, army, undead, apocalypse, doom, gloom
illustration of  Earth women communicating with alien technology. robotics, birds, artificial, intelligence, flowers, rhododendron, botanical, nature, metal, foliage, leaves, gardens, spring. flora, fauna, wildlife, flight, wings, soar, friendly, talk, converse, welcoming, negotiating, agreement, brunette, beauty, skin, orange, sun, glow, meditative, peaceful, natural, exploration, stranger, universe, planets.
illustration of A fully armed female assassin is left for dead in a pit of serpentine mythological creatures. snakes, reptiles, scales, slither, body, armor, glasses, brunette, sexy, fighter, doom, horror, monster, hunter, danger, survival, weaponry, guns, swords, ammunition, battle, deadly, captured, defense, women, girl, power, strength.
illustration of female in a virtual reality machine. surrealism, space, robotic, universe, dimensions, tentacles, mechanical, chair, ginger, redhead, communications, sleep, outer, body, experience, jumpsuit, galaxies, nebula, flight, alien, gear, harness, device, coma, dream, state, mystical, travel,  exploration, heaven, light.
illustration of giant monster battle, Japanese, Kaiju, robots, creatures, dragons, demons, horns, symbolic, destruction, beasts, science fiction, war, defense, fight, UFC, wrestling, boxing, sports, fantasy, grudge, match, technical, robotics, children, fantasy, horror
illustration of Kaiju, monster, ninja, Japanese, giant, swords, katana, movies, entertainment, glowing, female, fighting, battles, versus, colossal, beast, creatures
illustration of mole rat, New Orleans, monster, giant, creepy  creatures, rodent, infestation, vermin, guns, weaponry, Mardi Gras, parade, masquerade, costumes, masks, lobster, crustacean, slime, cars, automobiles, muscle cars, hot rods, battle
illustration of mouse, ghost, boogey-man, spooky, moon, Halloween, rodents, rat, vermin, pests, infestation, sewer, moonlight, spirit, specter, goblin, apparition, children, Grimm, fairy tales


Award-winning illustrator Alan Pollack perfected his figurative and conceptual skills at The School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design and The New York Academy of Figurative Arts in Manhattan. For over 20 years he has been captivating science fiction, fantasy and horror audiences with his creative, imaginative art. His clients include advertising agencies, leading entertainment, book and game publishers as well as private collectors. His art has also appeared on the cover of Spectrum Fantastic Art, an illustration annual focusing on the year’s best science fiction, fantasy and imaginative art.


Black & White, Caricature, Cartoon, Conceptual, Figurative, Line, Pen & Ink, Realism, Stylized, Floral, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Apps/Mobile


Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Celebrities, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Children's Products, Comic Book, Editorial, Fantasy, Futuristic, Greeting Cards, Historical, Holidays, Icons, Music, Mystery, Nature, People, Political, Posters, Sci-Fi, Toys & Games, Travel, Web Illustration, Wildlife, Agriculture, Vintage / Retro, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic, Game, Edgy, Environmental, Financial, Urban