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David Angel

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illustration of A digital image depicting a set of large office supplies with a silhouette man holding a briefcase running through on a green background.
illustration of A digital image of a silhouette profile of a man with the Eiffel Tower layered on top of him, with other icons on that.
illustration of A digital image of two green silhouette people standing next to each other with round pop up icons with two more standing silhouettes connected with lines and other icons.
illustration of A digital image of a group of silhouettes in an interior, with two large laptops around them.
illustration of A silhouette of a Centaur with a bow and arrow, two targets on a hill, and the stars arranged in the Sagittarius constellation. Digital image.
illustration of A digital image - on the right, a cat sitting on a chair, on the left, a cat sitting on a chair but it is made up entirely of molecules.
illustration of A map of South East Asia made up of a a microchip board with a connective spark running through.
illustration of A bull standing in a field with the Taurus constellation behind it.
illustration of A dog sitting in the park with a silhouette of a person walking away from it in the foreground, a cityscape at night in the background.
illustration of A digital depiction of surrealism based off Dali's The Persistence of Memory


Previous clients include: TimeWarner, CNN, Budweiser, BP, Mercedes, Department of Education, The British Chambers of Commerce, Harper Collins, Hodder, Reed, Redbook, One Little Indian, The Independent, The Guardian, FT, Dennis, VNU, Future, IDG, Orion, Time Out, New Scientist, The Economist etc.


Abstract, Digital, Silhouette


Editorial, Icons