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DI #32

Page 419

Paul Sharp

illustration of Toy Santa Claus juggling candy canes in winter wonderland on this Happy Holidays card. Surrounded by Christmas trees, brightly colored gift packages, snowflakes and mountains. Santa has a 3-D look with modeling kept simple to add to his toy look.
illustration of A bear shows his thread bare spot.
illustration of A frog serenades a bee with his banjo and singing while sitting on a lilly pad floating in a pond.
illustration of A raccoon sits on the banks of a lake beneath a shade tree anxiously waiting for a tug at his fishing line. A textured digital pastel painting for children's books.
illustration of A caricature of the late great Tom Petty who died in 2017. Vector poster art was created using an analogous color scheme.
illustration of A saterical editorial cartoon taking a look at Donald Trump at one of his rallies like an aging rock star playing his greatest hits or in his case slogans.
illustration of In this editorial cartoon President Donald Trump is painting the republican elephant with Supremacy White paint. Turning the party into a white elephant.
illustration of Donald Trump as a monkey with line
illustration of Donald Trump is so taken by Russian strongman Vladimir Putins powerful muscles that he drops our flag. Saterical political cartoon.
illustration of Taylor Swift walks away having stuffed a dollar bill in the pants of her accusor. She counter sued for one dollar and won a sexual harrassment case.
illustration of A saterical political cartoon putting Donald Trump in the same predicament as George Washington having cut down the cherry tree and questioned by his father. Trump deals with the situation in a different way.
illustration of A political saterical cartoon featuring a caricature of Mitch McConnell as an emergency room doctor attempting to start the heart of the republican health care bill. The caption reads
illustration of A caricature of Vladimir Putin with an I Voted sticker on his head giving the thumbs up sign.
illustration of President Donald Trump wearing a ball cap sideways reading Make America Hate Again
illustration of A happy hispanic girl dances to her favorite music.
illustration of A zebra and a canadian goose play a card game of Go Fish. Children's book illustration with pastel texture.
illustration of A little girl age 5 working in the vegetable garden pulling up carrots. Illustration was created for a gardening game.
illustration of Cartoon, Line with Color, Whimsical, Humor, Children, Children's Books, Health, Medical, Scientific, Ethnic
illustration of Cover art for Mexican folk song SeƱor Don Gato was a cat. Art done in a decorative, romantic, poster style.
illustration of Illustration for the children's poem The owl and the pussycat. Owl sings and plays guitar and declares his love for Pussycat as they sail in their pea green boat beneath the moon.
illustration of A little girl barley holds a drooping cat nearly her size in the vector cartoon illustration.
illustration of A caricature, portrait, painting of George Clooney actor, movie star.
illustration of A caricature of Donald Trump
illustration of A cartoon envisioning what a Trump Presidency might be like. Introducing his Nuke button finger as his foreign policy advisor. Caricature of Donald Trump.
illustration of At the end of a children's book done for Scholastic two friendly characters are spinning with joy.
illustration of A single panel gag cartoon in which mom is encouraging lazy slob son to get a job by offering him the classified section of the newspaper.
illustration of A collage of images from a picture book for disabled children. Two plush animal friends compete in stuffed animal tricks.
illustration of A gang of boys pretending to be pirates ride their bikes menacingly while waving swords and flying the jolly roger flag.
illustration of A boy delivers pizzas as his job timidly riding his sisters pink bike. Pencil and watercolor whimsical children's book illustration.
illustration of A caricature of rocker David Bowie.
illustration of Two tween firefighters rescue a baby and fight a high-rise fire with the help of a very tall dinosaur.
illustration of A cartoon giraffe eating leaves from a tree.
illustration of A comic strip done for a children's magazine in which a boy who hates wearing clothes learns that they do have their advantages.
illustration of An extended family comprised of both latino and caucasians out for a walk in the park
illustration of A pair of characters I created for a children's book about overcoming disabilities
illustration of Author horror story master Steven King depicted as the Grim Reaper with a fountain pen for his scythe.
illustration of A caricature of comedian Steven Colbert host of The Late Show and former host of The Colbert Report.
illustration of A caricature of Downton Abbey actress Maggie Smith.
illustration of A caricature of actor Will Smith.
illustration of A caricature of Texas republican senator Ted Cruz giving a filibuster.
illustration of A caricature of President Barack Obama in a serious mood.
illustration of Caricature of democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.
illustration of Comedian talk show host Conan O'Brian caricature.
illustration of a caricature of comedian Elaine DeGeneres
illustration of A caricature of actress movie star Nicole Kiddman.
illustration of A caricature of speaker of the house John Boehner.
illustration of Swirling leaves a jack-o-lantern wearing a magic hat, his candle light reflected on the ground, the spirit of Halloween.
illustration of A high school teenage girl slips on a wet floor in the cafeteria and her tray full of food goes flying. Others kids all watch her embarrassing situation.
illustration of A baby bird is rescued and put back in it's nest by a girl who happened by walking on stilts.
illustration of Left fielder frog attempts to catch a fly ball.
illustration of happy new year,clock tower,midnight,fireworks,city,tall buildings, celebration,explotions,party,vector art
illustration of A teenage girl is caught by her boyfriend trying on a bikini top in a department store.
illustration of A parrot plays ukulele as a young hula girl dances in a tropical paradise of flora and fauna.
illustration of A teen girl giving herself a bad haircut.
illustration of The cover for the children's book The secrets of the monster tree. A digital cut paper very textured piece.
illustration of A little asian girl plays doctor with her stuffed animals in this lift a flap book.
illustration of A young girl is overjoyed to find and hug her lost puppy.
illustration of Package design and illustration for the card game King Toad. The royal king sits in his velvet throne room as as insects blow trumpets.
illustration of Santa Claus glides smoothy along as he skates through a red winter wonderland on this paper plate design.
illustration of A teen girl slips and is about to crash on the ice while skating.
illustration of A little girl frolics with her dog slashing in the rain.
illustration of A textured cut paper digital piece of a ship being tossed at sea.
illustration of A fly is chased by a leaping frog as three other frogs watch the pursuit from a log or in the pond. The lid design for the board game Froggies.
illustration of A pirate boy is surprised to find a large shark in his bathtub eating beans and franks.
illustration of A teenage african american girl is caught singing by her boyfriend.
illustration of Children of mixed ethnic groups enjoy winter activities skating,sledding, building a snowman,drinking coco by the fire in this surface design. A cozy house and snow covered pine trees in the background.
illustration of A teenage girl accidentally trips an alarm wire in an art museum causing the security guard to come running.
illustration of A boy and girl work together to build a snowman.
illustration of A african american girl throws a snowball at a friend.
illustration of A young girl coaxes her dog to pull her slad with a bone on a stick.
illustration of From the Guess what story Bible moses strikes a stone bringing forth water in the desert as followers watch in amazement.
illustration of Two angry insects do battle joisting style while mounted on snails and ants.
illustration of A frog in hot pursuit of a fly as he leaps from a lilly pad.
illustration of The cover for a children's Bible story book The Guess What Story Bible.
illustration of A caricature of Edgar Allen Poe holding the Raven while petting The black cat.
illustration of An apprehensive pet owner sits in the vets waiting room with his sick dog in his lap.
illustration of A teen girl gets a bad sunburn and ends up as red as a lobster with claws to prove it.
illustration of The lid design for the board game Boo Who?
illustration of A poster of the fab four created for a book about the Beatles.
illustration of A winter holiday paper plate design featuring 3 leaping snowmen and an astonished cardinal.
illustration of An illustration of the family featured in a series of educational books Best Buddies.
illustration of A frog or toad chases a fly in this board game
illustration of A young boy feels relief as he rests in bed breathing medicated vapors from his patch.
Also shown are the same boy but hispanic and the fruit flavors of another product.
illustration of A tween boy flies through the air on his skateboard through the city streets while drinking a bottle of Waterfruits drink.
illustration of A realistic illustration of a plastic game of catch the fly Mr. Mouth. This art was used for the lid of the box.
illustration of A thanksgiving dinner gone wrong when turkeys decide to join the feast. The family is shocked and amazed when the turkeys take over.
illustration of Jesus tells the parable of the mustard seed to a crowd of followers. As the story of Jesus with little children is shown.
illustration of A bearded Pirate captain offers a cracker to his buccaneer parrot. Polly want a cracker.
illustration of Three kids of different ethnic groups play a board game. The boys are shocked to see they are being beating by the little girl.
illustration of A very emotional, apprehensive, nervous Tuatara lizard rings the water from his wet tail.
illustration of A pirate waves the Jolly Roger skull and cross bones as he lights his canon fuse to fire a cannon ball at a tall sailing ship. The Buccaneer pirate squawks from the ships railing.
illustration of A skunk approaches his friend raccoon in a winter wonderland of snowflakes and pine trees covered in snow.
illustration of A boy gets a soccer ball in the face kicked by a girl player.
illustration of A turtle, fish, frog,snake, dragonfly,muskrat,and birds all gather at the happy smiling river.
illustration of Two preschool children fly high above farms and fields in their colorful hot air balloon.
illustration of A teenage girl trying a DIY make over is caught by her boyfriend when she answers the door.
illustration of A caricature of Governor of Indiana Mike Pence and my take on his state of the state address.
illustration of In this cartoon humorous illustration an african american girl not noticing the wet floor sign slip on a puddle of water.
illustration of A bean bag chair squeaks when a teen girl sits in it causing others at the party to think she farted.


Airbrush, Caricature, Cartoon, Charcoal, Collage, Conceptual, Cut Paper, Design, Digital, Graphic, Lettering, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media, Oil, Painterly, Pastel, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Stylized, Texture, Watercolor, Decorative, Floral, Whimsical, Film/Entertainment, Motion, Vector


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