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Emma Lawrence

illustration of Campaign for disability support and the power of communities who come together - all ages and all abilities or disabilities.  Children and adults, families, young and old.
illustration of An illustration to depict how a retail outlet supports the environment and the community in a cycle of reusing, recycling, supporting local, reducing travel, reducing the impact on the environment and selling fresh, local, less wasteful products which care about the environment.
illustration of Leaflet commissioned by the NHS, UK - Perinatal Mental Health for the Women's Service.  Covers antenatal and postnatal mental health, support and care including self help advice and contacts.  The brief was to create a booklet that is appealing and attractive but at the same time tackles a very challenging topic.
illustration of Commission from a school to promote the walking bus, encouraging children to walk to school.  Reflecting the benefits of being together and showing hints of nature all around to create a positive experience of being in the fresh air.
illustration of Illustration for a book, Edible Perennial Vegetables - Gardening book.  The life cycle of soil and the ecosystem from micro-organisms and fungi in the soil to mammals.  The illustration has been licensed for use in Australia, New Zealand and America.
illustration of Butterflies by Emma Lawrence.  Little Nature Explorers series - educational books full of detailed illustrations


When Emma was told at school that she could not study art and biology together, she ended up following a career as a Clinical Neuropsychologist. However, after over 20 years and a young family she wanted to spend more time with, she took the leap to follow her dream and become an illustrator. Her work reflects her love of nature and her unique and recognisable style is fresh and appealing to all ages. With clean lines and a sense of humour she draws animals wearing wellies, cups full of wild flowers, as well as lots of bugs and butterflies. In the last couple of years she has had 3 books published, developed a range of greetings cards, won awards and secured several licensing deals. She loves to work on the challenge of a new commission and is keen to find more exciting partnerships and projects.


Colored Pencil, Line, Line with Color, Mixed Media


Animals, Book Covers, Botanical, Children, Children's Books, Editorial, Education, Family, Health, Licensing, Medical, Nature, Science, Transportation, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Environmental